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What is intellegent?

The act of passing and instilling knowledge to a uneducated recipient. The act is continued until the uneducated becomes educated or intellegized.

The purpose of this event is to intellegize young men on the importance of safe sex.

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intellegent - meme gif

intellegent meme gif

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Intellegent - what is it?

a type of special FX light that moves and scans patterns when activated by sound. The movement is controlled by a programmed scheme done by the factory, at random, or entered by the user.

THE DJ has intellegent lights up in the lighting rack.

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What does "intellegent" mean?

Noud: A higher form of knowlege and thought, a term usually used in place of intelligence, on the internet.

I have reached a higher form of intellegence, after reading that post.

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Intellegent - what does it mean?

A female that is intelligent and elegant.

Friend 1: Tiffany is incredibly smart, and exhibits a refined, tasteful beauty.

Friend 2: I know, it's nearly impossible to find intellegant women these days.

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Intellegent - meaning

Misspelling of the word intelligent.
Since you're here, good job misspelling intelligent.

U guyz, im totally gonna go see if i spelt intellegent right on urbandictionary!


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