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What is recipient?

one who receives unwanted skeet

David Aceveda

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Recipient - what is it?

A term used to freindzone someone by conveying that they are not the person who should receive their love. This is usually said in disdain towards the other person.

I'm sorry, but you are not the intended recipient of my love.

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What does "recipient" mean?

euphuism for rape victim

"I am about to make you an involuntary sperm recipient if u dont stop screwing up my lines"

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Recipient - what does it mean?

someone who unwillingly recieved sperm from a donor.

she wasnt raped, she was just an unwilling sperm recipient

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Recipient - meaning

One who receives Ghetto.

That black man is a Ghetto recipient.
That black man receives Ghetto.
Or those people enjoy receiving Ghetto.

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Recipient - definition

A universal recipient is one of the four blood group (AB), they can receive a blood transfusion from any of the other blood types.

A universal recipient is a very lucky person because they do not have to fear of no specific blood group nearby.

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Recipient - slang

TO give someone a ladder or someone needs to receive a ladder, as they need to get over them selves.

If I gave you ladder could you get over yourself.
I took her to home depot to pick out a ladder.
Intellectually... you only need a step stool.

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one who receives dick in any capacity regardless of gender.

dude 1_"your mom's a filthy dick recipient."
dude 2_"so's your dad." ::laughs::
dude 1_ : (

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you are a dipshit. Search for recipe.

No dumbass. It's not spelled recipie it's spelled recipe.

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A person who receives something in the anus.

Bill was a recipient in the bed with John last night.

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