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What is inseparable?

A squad or a group when many mentally challenged become as one ; often noisy and a great disturbance to others, chances of being chased out when mingled with public but loves each other and is a happy family

Damnn !! I wanna be like em... inseparables

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Inseparable - what is it?

When Dora can’t let go of Boots so she fucks swiper

I’m sorry boots we are just to I inseparable so I had to lower my dick by fucking Swiper. πŸ’¦πŸ†

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What does "inseparable" mean?

Always together at heart never to separate.

Kelly & Jackie are inseparable.

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Inseparable - what does it mean?

1)never being apart
2)best friends
3)lauren, suzy, nic, caleb

Why are you always hanging out with your crew? You guys seem inseparable. Are you ever going to make plans with ME?

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