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What is i hate school?

Boys are a complete waste of your time trust me! all they ever want is to call you theirs when really they just want attention. There so stuck up and stubborn . They never care what you think or how you feel. They mix with your emotions and think it's perfectly fine after. And after they hurt you they think you are overreacting if you are all sad or even mad. Even tho its just a "break up" c'mon treat the girl with some respect. To all of you girls out there please don't waste your time its not worth it, there are so many boys out there for you!

My ex was and still is a complete waste of my time, "I hate boys"!!!!

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I hate school - what is it?

1. A term used to descibe self-hatred.
2. Also a short lived 80s hardcore band. No,really!

1. "I hate myself" muttered Kurt Cobain
2. I Hate Myself are a great band!

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What does "i hate school" mean?

something people say when they are annoyed because people are the reason for there misery. This can also mean they just hate the human species including themselves.

person1: Did you hear about the fight in school. Person2: yep I hate people.

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I hate school - what does it mean?

Three little words that girls use to hide their feelings


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I hate school

What girls say when they actually love drama. It's a ploy; a tactic to divert attention from their dramatic schemes.

Girl: Oh my God, I HATE DRAMA! Ugh, I can't believe Amber is here, let's leave and make a scene.

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I hate school

A statement used when one is feeling extremely frustrated with oneself for a failure or flaw in one's life.

I hate myself for letting Urban Dictionary distract me from my homework.

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I hate school

I hate snakeu is the phrase that Jung Hoseok (Also known as J-Hope from BTS) said. When BTS were at the zoo, zookeepers placed a snake on his shoulder's and he didn't like it. Soon, BTS was interviewed by "PopAsian" and the host asked, "What was your experience holding a snake?" He replied with "It was terrible. It was the worst experience in my life. I-I-I Hate snakeu.." And that is how it was known to be a big BTS meme to all armies out in the world.

Friend: Hey, do you like snakes?
Me: NO! I hate snakeus! They scare me so much!

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I hate school

This is a phrase used to express one's dislike or displeasure of the snake.

This phrase arose and became popular when J-Hope (BTS) recalled his terrifying encounter with snakes.

J-Hope: i-i-i-i-i I HATE SNAKEU!

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I hate school

meaning u hate schoolthough

person one: u get good grades so that must mean u love school

person two: nah mon i hate school styll

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I hate school

The thing that literally every kid in the world thinks in their heads.

Man I hate school. Fuck everybody there. Especially the teachers.

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