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What is recess?

Fat rich people telling poor hungry people they need to lose weight.


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Recess - what is it?

A term for white people which refers to white people scientifically being "genetically recessive". This is why the "one drop rule" was created.

"Don't ever let these recessives make you feel like you're subhuman".

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What does "recess" mean?

When you shoot your sperm.
Cause when you cum you are letting the kids out. Ya know.

Kali loves recess, who doesn't.

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Recess - what does it mean?

The space on a female body between the kaslopis/vagina and the butthole. The vagina and the butthole are serious, you need to know what you're doing there but when you're at recess, it doesn't matter what you do, it's just all about having a good time!

Boyfriend: "What do you want to do?" Girlfriend: "Why don't you play a little with my recess?"

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A playtime given to public schools and elementary schools. Mostly a time right after lunch. Could be indoor depending on the weather.

Today our RECESS is indoor

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When you go and have a beer and hang out for a bit during the day to up your mood and stuff.

Recess at karl strauss at 3:30 today guys

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That one thing you lost in middle school you were really upset about, then didn’t give a fuck about anymore in high school.

Damn I used to miss recess, but nap time is so much better!

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The ultimate Disney animation show on. It has had beatiful character's such as Ms.Finster and Randall you both fornicated with Rhandelle.

"Haha I watched recess today, doesn't randall look like the sign interpreter?"
"Yeah let's name it Rhandelle."

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a short period of time where you are free from pain and misery and can enjoy life like any normal retired human being.

I cannot survive without recess.

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the break given in the middle of the day to elementary school children. usually a time when children play on a playscape or just generally run around and have fun.

today, at recess, little susie kicked sand in my eyes, so i called her a stupid poopoo butt.

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