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What is hopeless?

-a perosn that is not physicall or emotionaly attractive

-a person that looks up porn for fun

"Wow, I never would of thought Mikey to be such a Hopeless ."

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Hopeless - what is it?

The 2011 New South Wales State of Origin team

That guy is as hopeless as NSW thinking they can win State of Origin

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What does "hopeless" mean?

hopeless (Australia)

A person that is incapable of doing their job, dishonouring their given word whilst simultaneously failing to do their job.

Example: "The case officers at the Department of Immigration are hopeless."

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Hopeless - what does it mean?

Any England sporting team

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Hopeless - meaning

the epitome of watching someone die and being able to do nothing to stop it

Standing beside the gravestone before the wake, hopelessness enveloped her, the feeling that precedes grief.

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Hopeless - definition

The moment when you realise that everything in your world is wrong, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

Brandy:"Dude. I am just overcome with hopelessness."
Brandy:"I watched MTV yesterday. *shudders*"
Cooper:"You've been inside for four months!"
Cody:"It's all so hopeless"
Cooper:"How the hell does moping fix that??"

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Hopeless - slang

1.when a moment or event breaks ones spirit or ones ability to function 2. a feeling associated with helplessness and/or loss. 3. Sadness in clinical proportions.

"The once gentle, animated eyes, now looked hollow with hopelessness."

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When a Georgia resident loses H.O.P.E. A grant given to students who keep a specified GPA. Every couple of years due to budget cuts the requirements become harder to obtain and maintain throughout the college career. Thus, leaving students who could go to college, broke and unable to afford finsihing without the loaning of money from bank or government.

That last test rendered me hopeless.

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the person that you're involved with as though the two of you are in a relationship together, but you aren't officially. (also can be used to describe such a state.)

my ex is totally my hopeless right now <3

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a person who has no hope with the opposite sex.

vitale is so hopeless. he cant get a break in life.

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