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What is highly?

When you are so damn pissed that it dont even make no fuckin sense.
It's above all madness.
So you are Highly pissed!

Mor-Man:Yo, Dat Nigga Was Trippin Last Night!
He Fuckin Had Me Highly Pissed!

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Highly - what is it?

the most recent PC way of describing an overweight person

Doctor: what can I do for you today Mrs. Jones?
Mrs Jones: Doctor, I'm having more problem with my breathing lately, my feet hurt when I walk, and my ankles are swelling in the afternoons. Do you think there's something wrong with my heart?

Mr Jones: well, did the doctor figure out what's going on with you?
Mrs Jones: he says I'm highly adipose and I would feel better if I lost some weight.
Mr Jones: how much weight?
Mrs Jones: about 80 pounds. Do you think our insurance would cover liposuction if I said my doctor recommended it?

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What does "highly" mean?

Someone who is highly fuckable

yo that Mike guy is highly tappable

yeah hes pretty sexy

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Highly - what does it mean?

having intense sexual desire or appeal. so meaning your really hot

I am highly sexed.

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Highly - meaning

people who flaunt themselves on a daily basis and who are wrong beyond imaginable compare.

jenny: I am soooo amazing.

me: thats HIGHLY debatable.

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Highly - definition

of great worth; having earned the respect of many

You have to meet Brad, he's highly merited.


Don't worry about Seth, he's so highly merited he has nothing to prove.

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Highly - slang

Very suspicious or doubtful

It is highly suspect that the person in possession of the stolen ring claims they found it.

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An indie rock band from Cape Cod, Massachusetts consisting of Johnny Stevens (vocals and guitar), Rich Meyer (bassist), and Ryan Meyer (drummer). They released their self-titled debut album in 2011, their second, Mister Asylum, in 2015, and their third, The Boy Who Died Wolf, in 2016. Their music is a superb blend of old-fashioned rock, grunge, blues, and alternative (and a little dash of emo for good measure).

Person 1: Hey, have you listened to Highly Suspect?
Person 2: If course! They're destined to be the next Nirvana.

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When any given situation,plan, piece of property,or financial opportunity has backfired,or been ruined or
destroyed by your own hands or someone elses.

We was highly fucked on our road trip back from Vegas because our drop-top wouldn't close on the car and we drove
182 dam miles in the rain to get back.

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1. Very.
2. Really, really

This is what annoying, pretentious assholes say to express nothing more than "really, really."

Annoying guy: I am highly angry right now!
Another guy: Why not just say "very," asshole?

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