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What is good enough?

A diploma you get after completing tests to prove you have the same ammount of knowledge as a high school grad.

Penis face said he wasn't going to complete high school so he took the good enough diploma now and left.

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Good enough - what is it?

the item or soemthing is soo bad that it has the quality of a toilet

wow thats a good idea, ehh good enough for me 2 poop on!

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What does "good enough" mean?

When you are too lazy to check your spelling and you just hastily type some letters in hopes that google will be able to figure it out.

*Timmy types up urbn dtionary in google
Joe- "Seriously man, where did you learn how to spell?"
Timmy- "Eh, its good enough for google."

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Good enough - what does it mean?

GED or General Equivalency Diploma

Having a good enough diploma is better than being a high school dropout.

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Good enough - meaning

Something lazy people say when they didn't perform as well as expected.

Boss: "Jerry, I thought you'd have those papers done by yesterday, not today."
Jerry: "It's good enough you little nigger faggot."

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Good enough - definition

When ur kinda good at something, but u only say it cuz u know that no one else can do it.

Person A: Hey can anyone make rules?
Person B: I'm good at making rules..
Person A: Oh, really?
Person B: Well who else is gonna do it
Person A: So you can do it PERFECTLY?
Person B: I can make them good enough.

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Good enough - slang

when you get second place in a Game of Brawl Stars.

@Sydney Tjonadi

"That was a tough match"
"good enough"

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Good enough

Good enough” is the ideology representing the mental embodiment of a person who could physically obtain perfection, but, under the circumstances, does not. Therefore, he is good enough.

“It might not be the best, but it’s good enough.” This person displays a no care version of the mentality of “Good Enough.” This person is showing a lack of responsibillity, but at least it’s “Good Enough.

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Good enough

What I get told all the time by Urban Dictionary and my definitions like my friend's name. Maybe they will like this one?

Plz don't tell me its "not good enough"

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Good enough

Good enough is something people ask others to be, often creating drama. Usually this drama is completely unnecessary because the task the person has been asked to do is trivial. For some people, however, nothing is good enough. Others are completely inept at doing anything for anyone else, you'll know them because they confuse "good enough" with perfect.

I would have let Brian fuck me all night if he'd just been good enough to call me.

I can't believe he only tipped 50%! And he looked at this other girl like twice! Nevermind that she was our waiter, nothing he ever does is good enough, so I dumped his ass!

I know you asked me to take out the garbage every day for the past month, sorry I can't be perfect ok?

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