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What is get by?

Spelled B'y, B'ye, Bah, By.. ect.
Orginally meaning Boy, a common word used by Newfoundlanders. Used similarly to the word "eh"

Yes 'by

No 'by

Are you common over tonight 'by?

What's up 'by?

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Get by - what is it?

Generaly used to end or complete a sentence. Used in the same context as Man, Dude, Guy, Mate.
A Term used by Cape Bretoner's and New Found Landers.

For example, in Australia they would say:

"How's it going mate?" or "It's good hearing from you Mate"

B'y is used in the same context.

"What's goin on b'y?"
"Your a fuckin idiot b'y"

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What does "get by" mean?

Acronym for "Before You Start". Used to rebuke an argument before it begins.

Jim: "I think that My Little Pony gives a relevant depiction of modern society."
Corey: "BYS, I don't give a fuck."

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Get by - what does it mean?

Another word for Boy, Man, or just plain slang.
Used In Newfoundland And Labrador, Canada
And Is the most Used word In Newfoundland.

Newfie #1:Whataya At B'y?
Newfie #2:Oh Nuttin Much B'y, Just Cleanin' Me Fish
Newfie #1:Oh I See B'y.

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Get by


Eva, thanks for the pizza, BYS!!!!!

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Get by

phrase used by Newfoundlanders
used much the same way austrailians use mate

yes by'
go way by'
thats crazy by'

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Get by

friends, generaly male

c yah later mom im goin out wit the b'ys.used in newfoundland

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Get by

A nonsexual technique of spending a night on a bed next to a girl without engaging in any physical contact.

"It was really weird finally having sex with Jane after months of getting laid by."

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Get by

A Get-by is someone that you use, in order to get through a situation.

"Girl, why don't you talk to Angela anymore... you know the girl from your Biology class?"

"Maaan, she was just a get-by; there wasn't really many people to talk to in that class. What about you & them people you used to sit with at lunch?!"

"Pshtt, they was get-bys, too."

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Get by

Get by = manage

When someone has to manage sth or a situation

Fuck! It's getting worse and worse, I can't get by it anymore.

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