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What is georgia rose?

Is defined now.

"Yo georgia rose has finally been defined."

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Georgia rose - what is it?

A girl that couldn’t give head to Harry Styles because her daddy was a dentist and would’ve been able to tell

harry: yeah me and Georgia Rose danced all night but she never gave head
niall: it’s because her daddy is a dentist

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What does "georgia rose" mean?

A woman from Georgia's warm lady pocket.

"My neck, my back, lick my georgia rose, and my crack."

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Georgia rose - what does it mean?

When it’s a tending word on the Urban Dictionary but there are no definitions.

Wow Urban Dictionary really pulled a Georgia Rose on us.

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Georgia rose - meaning

The act of shoving a bouquet of flowers into all of someone's tight holes, and then shitting in their mouth, creating a beautiful brown flower :)

Chad: I just did the georgia rose on stacy, shit was wild but now I gotta pay dem medical bills smh my head ;(
Random dude: yo what the hell you sick fuck.

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Georgia rose - definition

a rose from Georgia

thats a nice Georgia rose.

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Georgia rose - slang

Name used in Best Song Ever by One Direction, the Biggest boyband on the planet.

Said her name was Georgia Rose, OW.
And her daddy was a dentist.


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Georgia rose

it's a name that a british/irish band named One Direction say in their song Best Song Ever

lyric from the song
Said her name was Georgia Rose (wow)

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Georgia rose

Basically, the chick described by one direction in their song, who's father is a dentist, which apparently made her knowledgeable enough to know Harry Styles had a dirty mouth.

"She said her name was Georgia Rose, and that her daddy was a dentist."
-Harry Styles (1D), Best Song Ever, 2013

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Georgia rose

When Urban Dictionary puts something as a top 30 definition but doesnt actually have a definition for that thing.

Me: When I was searching Urban Dictionary, I stumbled across the top 30 definition list. I clicked "georgia rose" and there was no definition for it.
Me Again: wtf

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