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What is one direction?

the boy band that ruined my life

fan #1: one direction
fan #2: *throws self off nearest cliff*

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one direction - video

One direction - what is it?

the sexiest boy bad alive. pure hotness and vocal talent, with the deadliest fanbase ever. if you mess with directioners, honey, youre screwed.

consists of Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson.

super fans have One Direction Infection.

its uncurable.

me: mom, can i have One Direction for Christmas?

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What does "one direction" mean?

A stupid crap pop band that sound like a frog and a cat with rabies mating in a pit of spikes covered inn acid when they sing

one direction suck big time

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One direction - what does it mean?


one direction aka gay

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One direction - meaning

A gay boy band from the fuckin UK who sing about shoving their tiny dicks into 12 year old girl's bloody vaginas.

One Erection: You've got that... one thing. (VAGINA) I need that.. one thing (VAGINA.).
One Direction: I like to... eat UR LITTLE PENISES.

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One direction - definition


one direction-we will be back in 18 months we promise

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One direction - slang


one direction is gay

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One direction

A UK band that is now on a hiAtuS. Consists of Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Zayn Malik (who left in 2015). Known and loved by many for being themselves, kind, fun, caring, talented, idiotic, and funny lads who are terrible terrible dancers. Lost many fans after zayn left and the hiatus, most who switched to k-pop (no hate). They still have possibly one of the most deadliest fandoms in the world otherwise known as directioners. Aren't friends with many fandoms, except 5SOSfam and Mixers (there are others, just these are main exceptions). Unfortunately, filled with a couple of toxic people who love cancel culture (COUGH toxic solo stans and directioners COUGH). Overall, great lads who have been through a lot in their careers, and despite getting so much hate, they continue to be great people. They have music for almost every mood , and although many think of them as bubblegum pop artists (It was their first album they didn't know what they were doing) they actually have great bops, and have continued to grow with their music and their fans. Bottomline is: we stan and you should to

"the boyband of my time, one direction, yeah they were great, they had fun, great singers, but terrible terrible dancers" - louis t.

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One direction

One Direction is a great band that has gone on a temporary hiatus. The One Direction fandom are called the Directioners. One Direction has become one of the biggest bands in the world. They were formed in 2010 on The X-Factor. One Direction is a great band because they gave money to charity, helped so many fans, they have wonderful voices, are just regular people and don't act like a celeb. snob, and they are very cute!!

The One Direction fandom, The Directioners are taking over the world in a good way and a bad way.

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One direction

the biggest liars and five boys who all failed maths. 18 MONTHS DOES NOT EQUAL 5 YEARS! also lou, 36+6 isn’t 38


larry is real

do you know one direction?

oh you mean the biggest liars of our century who still break our hearts without even doing anything.... yes i do

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