Definder - what does the word mean?

What is g'd up?

to bang a girl w/ many of ur boys at the same time

Yea, last night got pretty crazy and we G'd her up.
You think we should run a G on her?

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G'd up - what is it?

Also now as 'Geared up' weather it be a casual atire or occasional atire.

Yo, that niqqer G'd up.

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What does "g'd up" mean?

Gangsta , bout that Life , wildin out . Being "G'd up" was a trend slang started in the south by G'd up milli

Damn bro you told the police fuck you , that was G'd up

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G'd up - what does it mean?

Yall are way off. G'd up is being "dressed" G-angsta from head to toes, reppin your hood.

A LA Hoova Crip would wear the following;

-Fitted Houston Astro's hat
-any oversized open coat/top wit oversized white-T under.
-Blue dickies saggin with rag handing out the back pocket
-Belt wit "H" buckle
-Blue chucks

Now, sport this outside yo hood, and your st8 up, G'd up!

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G'd up - meaning

To be in a trance like state or stupor from the ingestion of G.H.B. (gamma hydroxy butyrate).

Man, I'm going to fucking pass out. I am so damn g'd up right now.

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G'd up - definition

when someone's ride is pimped out with lift kit, rims and tinted out.

man, that guys jimmy is g'd out

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G'd up - slang

Being like a gangsta

When I popped my cap I was g'd up

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G'd up

Any mechanical apparatus that a Godard has attempted to repair and instead caused it to permanently fail.

That incompetent mechanic G'd up my vehicle.

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G'd up

rockin dat blang blang n lookn gangsta

fool, me n mah crew stay g'd up from da feet up

yo homie dont fuck wit dem, dey stay g'd up all da time

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G'd up

dressed to kill

that outfit is g'd up

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