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What is to bang?

The phrase "bang bang" is a colloquialism used after one has been insulted or humiliated (burned, wrecked, destroyed, told, dissed, etc. work also). This phrase was developed to mimic the sound of dual pistols firing one after another at a target, an analogy to the person who has just been burned being shot down. There is a popular following to the idea that "bang bang" should only be used after one other than the would-be speaker has said "shots fired."

An optional motion one can do while shouting the phrase is pantomine pistol shots firing from your hands as you should each word, using finger guns

Person #1: "I'm going to kill myself."
Person #2: "Go for it!"
Person #1: "What would you do if I actually did it?"
Person #2: "I won't attend your funeral, but I'll send my letter of approval."
Random Eavesdropping Bystander: "BANG BANG"

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to bang - video

To bang - what is it?

fucking someone hardly

lets go bang bang in the bedroom.

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What does "to bang" mean?

Fake bootleg clothing, sneakers, jewelry, and or gear.

Guy 1: look at that dudes red monkey jeans and bapes
Guy 2: man all thats bang bang look the stars crooked and the jeans have the wrong tag

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To bang - what does it mean?

Something you say when you whip out your two hands and form them into a gesture resembling a handgun.

Cactus Jack, WWF

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To bang - meaning

What Chief Keef likes to say in his songs, it's the sound a gun make so he say Bang Bang!

We ain't gon' fight, our guns gon' fight! Bang Bang! - Chief Keef

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To bang - definition

When you have a whole meal at one place, then go right to another to place and have another one...bang bang.

We just ate a ton of food at this Indian place and now this...bang bang

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To bang - slang

Group sex events among lesbians who look like Justin Bieber (biebians).

I heard The Biebs has a lifetime viewing pass to all Biebian orgies, or as I like to call them, bangs bangs.

We're test marketing our new product/lube combo at some bangs bangs next month.

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To bang

a music video by a k-pop group called big bang.

the video known by fans of k-pop as the ace in the hole. After two failing video's this dropped and k-posers collectively flipped shit at how amazing it was.

Girl 1: ohhh my god have you seen Bang Bang Bang yet it's amazing!
Girl 2: You mean the one by Big Bang hell yes Tae's backup dancers are drool worthy girl i want me a piece of that.

Guy 1: have you heard Bang Bang Bang yet?
Guy 2. "Video was cool lots of epic cars sounds like a song you'd hear at a club"

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To bang

When you go out to eat, eat a full meal, then go to another place and eat another full meal. Seen on Louis C.K.'s amazing "Louie".

My fat-fuck friend and I did a bang bang today, first Italian, then Sushi. Just kidding, I did it alone.

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To bang

All I want.

I don't want relationship
I just want
Bang bang bang
I don't want to meet your mom
I just want
Bang bang bang

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