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What is freestyle?

To have sex without using any sort of contraception.

Man, I got up in Shaneka last night, it was straight freestyle mayne!!!

Me and my man got our freak on this morning, and he wanted to freestyle.

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Freestyle - what is it?

To sleep in without underwear

King of Queens- Danny: Still want to sleep in the bed, 'cause I sleep freestyle! (Removes Underwear). Spence: Fine, so do I. (Removes Underwear also)

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What does "freestyle" mean?

noun: freestylability

As opposed to the commonly known definition of freestyle i.e to make up music as you go, freestyle in general means something akin to 'winging' it but in a much more general sense. Freestyling a test would be to make the answers up as you go and largely implies a degree of accomplishment. Getting a 0 without studying is not freestyling. Nor is getting a 100 with studying. Getting a 100 without studying is 'freestyle'. Getting a 0 with studying is just plain sad. Nick Wong is the Godfather of Freestyle and is currently training P.Dir to become the next Godfather; lookout for him

1. Dude did you study? Reply: No! im gonna freestyle this shit!
2. Dude Nick Wong just freestyled his World Lit yo like in class
3. I freestyled my history essay in my sleep
4. Nick Wong to Terence Ter: You can't freestyle for shit (as rightly so)
5. BG tried to freestyle, but could not.
6. 'What?! Uni App is due tml?' Dik cries before rapidly freestyling his uni app while taking a piss

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Freestyle - what does it mean?

1) Refers to music (usually rap and sometimes techno) where everything is made up as they go along. In rap, people make up lyrics as they go along, but in techno, the DJ improvises beats and mixes songs on the spot.
2) A move in sports (especially extreme sports) where someone pulls off a stunt that doesnt really follow any guidelines for any regular move.

1)That freestyle music is wicked.
2) I'd like to see more of those freestyle moves

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When gentlemen urinate without holding on to there penis. Moving there body to ensure that the trail of urine enters the toilet without any spillage.

Steve-O went for a freestyle wee before playing Sonic.

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To make up a rap as you go. Could be a battle, a poem, or just a rap.

I sit here spittin weird on this teen geared urban dictionary/
hopin the votes of my definition hit high notes like a canary/
So don't lose your skill and become sick and senile/
And as long as it ain't prewritten its kickin a freestyle/

By Me three seconds ago

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A highly experimental method of approaching problems (similar to the notion of "winging it" in many Western cultures). Merging elements of pragmatism and daredevil improvisation, freestyling has developed into a unique and controversial school of thought. There are currently plans to further its cult status by lobbying the Hong Kong government to include "freestyle" as a religion. Rumored to be pioneered by one "Nicholas" (alias "Darth Vader") of a prestigious high school in Hong Kong, freestyle-ing is seen as a rare and desirable quality only a select few posses.

1) Lets just freestyle the calculus test tomorrow.
2) Wah jing! That’s so lun freestlyle!
3) I love the smell of freestyle in the morning.
4) Self proclaimed "freestylers" and "freestylists" will be dealt with most harshly.
5) To attain true freestyle status, one must go to a French underground railway station in the early hours of the morning.
6) Diu! Another freestyle essay highlighting the parallels between Hitler's Final Solution and Modern Jihad? Why not throw in some ToK too while you are at it!
7) J-Dub: Have you seen freestyle Wong lately?
Ranger: Nope, but i think he's polishing his lightsaber with his father.

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The most simple stroke in swimming. Freestyle is the first stroke most people learn when they are being taught how to swim. There are many types of people who do freestyle: the sprinters, who do 50-100 meters; middle distance, who do 200-400 meters, and distance, who do 800-1500 meters. Freestyle is the most popular event in competitive swimming,

"I love the 200 freestyle!"

"Me too! Everyone loves freestyle!"

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A popular kind of old school music that was heard throughout the streets of Lower Westchester and the Bronx. It originated in the 80's and has a fast Latin electronic beat. Popular among Puerto Ricans and Italians who flourished in these areas at the time. Such artists of this kind of music are Stevie B., George LaMond, Exposè, and Lisa Lisa, etc.

Yo how was Steve B. at the Tuckahoe Columbus Day Festival?" "Absolutely incredible, I LOVE freestyle music.

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The music first developed in the early 1980's primarily in major cities like the New York, Philadelphia, and New Jersey area of the Eastern United States of America. It was a fusion of 70's disco and 80's breakdancing music, influenced also by sampling found in Hip-Hop. The genre can be further subdivided into Old Schooland New School. Old school was generally made before 1991.
FreeStyle music in general is heavily influenced by Latin music, especially with respect to rhythms and brass/horn and keyboard parts. The latin "clave" rhythm can be felt in many songs. The tempo of FreeStyle music is almost always between 110 and 130 BPM (Beats Per Minute), typically around 118 BPM. The keyboard parts are often elegant and clever, with many short melodies and countermelodies. Again a strong influence of latin music.
The electro funk sound was changed and refined adding Latin American rhythms and a totally syncopated drum sound. That was definitely a reason why the style came to be very popular among Latinas as well as Italian Americans. Hence, the names "Latin Hip Hop" or "Latin Freestyle". Now, the more neutral term "Freestyle" is generally preferred.
The theme of the lyrics is usually romantic with a positive message. The topics developed so far have not been overly complex, and are based more on a purely emotional response.

"Did you hear that new freestyle song on the radio last night? The song is slammin!"
"Are you going to the freestyle concert on Friday? There are going to be over a dozen freestyle acts singing that night."

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