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What is forgotten?

A Runescape Clan started by Finish_ed and Lankanarcher. A pretty good clan that pks in the wilderness and fights wars with many other clans. They fight with everything they got. Whenever they have free time you can find them hunting Genesis(another clan that was enemies with the forgotten templars, but keep closing the clan) in the wilderness.

Man the forgotten templars own your ass

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Forgotten - what is it?

The case of where you have something really great that you want to search because it could mean a huge impact on something, or do something big, e.g. change the world, make a new internet meme, etc. but as soon as you try to, you instantly blank-out, and forget. This is really annoying.

I had such a bad case of Internet Forgotten that between the home page and the search page, I forgot what I was going to search for.

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What does "forgotten" mean?

The term used when referring to the genitalia of a practising nun. Nuns vow their chastity, therefore have a pocket that is forgotten about and never used.

"No sister Mary, I would not like to see your forgotten pocket, tis a sin"

"No, nuns can't have sex, theres no way you're putting that anywhere near my forgotten pocket"

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Forgotten - what does it mean?

One of the least known punk bands from the late 70s and early 80s. Those who stumbled upon their concerts in dive bars would have heard song about necrophilia like Fuck Me Dead, songs about immigrants like Bomb the Boats, and a song about pedophilia titled Little Girl Thrills. The punk riffs are classic and the lyrics are entertaining. Do not know if they are incredibly clever satirists punks or racist, homophobic, anti immigrant, misogynistic bastards.

Dave: I saw a punk band at a dive bar in Hamilton Ontario last night. It was insane!

Gord: Must have been Forgotten Rebels. They are the only punk band from that town.

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A World of Warcraft Alliance guild on the Skullcrusher server.

Forgotten Prophets are /famous.


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When you take a long crap, get up, pull up your pants and wash your hands, after, you notice that you have forgotten to take a leak, but you are too lazy to take a one, and leave.

John: Man i just took a dump, and forget to take a leak, but I'm too lazy to go back and take one.
Joe: Damn, the forgotten leak, i hate it.

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A song by German Pop-rock band Tokio Hotel in their album 'Zimmer 483". "Vergessene Kinder" in German.A very heartfelt song with amazing lyrics. The main meaning is of how the "forgotten children" are no different then anybody else, yet they shoulder the full weight of life on they're own without a choice.

"We'll never hear a name
They carry all the blame
Too young to break the chains
Forgotten children"

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Some n00b who eats babies... what a sicko... oh and he doesn't like swords!

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Those that have been repetitively demoted for showing disrespect to the realm, or rebelling against its core values. They have been FORGOTTEN

WHO ARE YOU??? Oh dear, I seem to have... FORGOTTEN

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Alone; the feeling that no one cares and left you behind.

"He has forgotten me...why doesn't he care?"

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