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What is depends?

What we all are at least some point in our lives. Especially during infancy.

Society pressures people to be as independent as possible when in reality, it's sometimes good to ask for help when you really need it.

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Depends - what is it?

Some big ass diapers!

We went to the store the other day and saw some fatties buyin Depends!

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What does "depends" mean?

The pussified term a full blown addict uses to describe their habit.

People who admit to having a β€œdependency” are almost always just trying to tip-toe around using the word β€œaddiction”.

Liar: β€œYes, I sometimes smoke cigarettes and drink liquid sugar but I only have a mild dependence.”

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Depends - what does it mean?

Diapers for the elderly who have lost control of their bladder due to old age. (Can also be used figuratively to make fun of someone with a small bladder or someone who frequently wets their pants/bed.)

"My grandma told me to get her something useful for her birthday, so I got her an economy size package of Depends. She was thrilled."

"My algebra teacher is a bitch and wouldn't let me go to the bathroom more than once during class. I think I pissed my pants!"
"Girl, you gotta get yourself some Depends!"

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Depends - meaning

1. Padded undergarments used to minimise discomfort and embarrassment of sufferers from weak bladders.

2. May also be used during intense moments of laughter.

3. A call-out term after hearing a funny joke.

Depends! Depends! (That was funny. Please bring me my Depends before I wet myself).

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Depends - definition

capable of being depended on; worthy of trust; reliable:

Zack Falls is a dependable single man

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Depends - slang

it depends applies to probably everything. just cause you gangsta dont mean you from the ghetto, and just cause you're from the suburbs doesnt mean you're rich/middle class

Person 1: Yo this kid is from the 'burbs, he prolly rich asf
Person 2: it depends

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Someone that takes an ink pen from somebody else and never returns it. The depender uses various techniques such as asking to borrow a pen then keeping it or helping themself to a pen that was left unattended. This results in the owner of the missing pen being left without one.

After searching on the desk, in the drawers and then under it, for their favorite writing instrument but not finding it, the individual realized they had once again fallen victim to the mysterious depender.

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Interviewer: Dick Cheney, do you wear boxers, or briefs?

Dick Cheney: Depends.

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A substitute for underwear that people can pee or poop in without using the bathroom

Kiersten : I don't know why Chad is making us wear Depends at work why can't we just use the bathroom?
Kaylee : Well it's probally because some people around here are misusing there bathroom time!
Kiersten : Are you accusing me of having sex in the bathroom!
Kaylee : I didn't want to mention any names but yes it's your fault!
Kiersten : Fuck You! Your just mad cause you don't ever get no dick in your pussy!
Kaylee : I get plenty of dick but thanks to this damn Depends ive got a horrible rash in my pussy!
Steve : Hey guys check it out Ive got on A double Depends I'm good to go all weekend! Ahhhhhh! Oh Yeah!
Kiersten : Oh God! Did you just shit your pants?
Steve : Yeah I just love the feel of fresh warm poop on my ass! Ahhhhh!
Kaylee : Gross he did it again!
Kiersten : I think I'm gonna puke!
Steve : Here have one of my Depends then I can eat it for lunch!
Kaylee : Oh God I think I just shit myself!
Steve : Well it's a good thing you got your Depends on!
Chad : Hey guy's look's like we got some production today glad to see the Depends program is working out! Pew what's that horrible smell?
Kiersten : Oh Kaylee and Steve shit themselves! Ahhhh! and me!
Chad : O God Damn! I think i'll be in my office the rest of the day!

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