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What is prolly?

A shortened version of "probably." Known to be used by Tyler Joesph, the all amazing smol bean of Twenty One Pilots.

Person 1 - Yo, will you go see that new horror movie that's out?
Person 2 - Yeah, I prolly will!

Person 1 - Okay, see ya there!!

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Prolly - what is it?

For Idiots who cannot spell probably correctly use this version.

I am prolly stupid because I cannot spell probably.

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What does "prolly" mean?

The lazy and misspelled use of the word "probably".

She didn't get on chat today, and prolly had to go to work.

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Prolly - what does it mean?

Shortened version of "probably." Used by lazy people who justify the misspelling by claiming that it is faster to type 6 letters than it is to type 8 letters.

I could prolly save more time and appear less stupid by typing "prob" instead.

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1. adv. - shortened variant of "probably"; in all likelihood; likely. Typically used online.

1. You should prolly used "prolly" only in instant messaging. Using it in real life sounds kinda lame-o. But I prolly won't follow this rule anyhow...

Usage Notes: Using "prolly" and other forms of internet slang do not make one an idiot, unlike many of the arrogant people here have established. It is used simply because it is quicker to type "prolly" than "probably".

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new word for probably.

I prolly have forgotten any basic English I learned in school.

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Web-slang abbreviation of "probably". Used extensively in forums and instant messsaging worldwide.

Red: I'll prolly cream my shorts when they release Halo 2.
Blue: You're such a cockbite.

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Literary colloquialism for "probably", most likely first used in print in John Kennedy Toole's Confederacy of Dunces, (1980), in the speech of one of the book's characters, the mother of the protagonist, Ignatius J. Reilly. The use of the word is meant to reflect the speech typical of white working-class residents of New Orleans, Louisiana.

That prolly is the reason he left in the first place.

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A spoken colloquialism that existed pre-internet, despite what many people claim.

"Prolly" is a clipped pronunciation of "probably"; compare with "g'day" as a clipped pronunciation of "good day", or "gonna" as a common spoken shortening of "going to".

Certainly non-standard, but not necessarily indicative of the writer's laziness. For some, writing in this manner mimics their natural speech pattern/dialect.

She said she'd prolly come over after she's finished relaxin' at the beach.

(spoken example) "I'm prolly gonna head down to Toranna {Toronto} for the May 2-4."

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Shortened version of "probably". Typically used in online conversations, although REALLY lazy people have started using it in verbal conversations as well...

I'm feeling lazy so I prolly won't bother doing homework.

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