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What is the other day?

A phrase said by a donator to APLfisher designed to make him lose his shit.

"Fuck Petey"

"So I was watching Toy Story 2 the other day and as I was about to cum, I fingered my uretha and forced the cummies back inside me. I left it there until it hardened and then I pushed it out and did a pee pee cummie poo. I splerged for Zurg."


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the other day - video

The other day - what is it?

1. Not being able to play every day
2. To party one day and get knocked out and too hungover and unable to party the next day.

Chieu is knocked out and can't party two days straight. He's an every other day playa.

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What does "the other day" mean?

A dumbass's way of trying to say what happened the other day, while trying to tell a story. "Ago" is added in as a stupid phrase to make yourself sound more "gangster"

Hey guess what I did the other day ago?

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The other day - what does it mean?

Probably very uncommon definition other than me and my friend group. The phrase is used as a code for a girl (guy if u female or gay) that you think is pretty. The reason this code works is because it’s somthing you could say in a sentence that not only stands out but blends in. Leaving any other party oblivious to what you might be saying.

Me: aye remember β€œthe other day?”
Friend: *looks* oh yaaaa

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The other day - meaning

A meaningless definition of time used in reference when speaking to the past. Most typically 'the other day' would connote to being as far back as a week or maybe two; but has been so grossly overused, and therefore, any meaningful annotation slaughtered, that it clearly can now define ANY period of past-time leaving the many delusional to refer to infinite time as just 'the other day'.

Bro 1: Dude, you totally still have a thing for your ex! Remember, you just got drunk and slept with her like, the other day!!

Bro 2: Nah dude, that was like, 6 months ago at the New Year's party, then she moved out of state & I haven't seen her since. It's June now, bro.

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The other day - definition

Any day other than yesterday.

I talked to her the other day.

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The other day - slang

Any day from yesterday, to the day I was born.

Person 1- "Yea the other day I-"
Person 2- "The other day or seven months ago?"
Person 1- "Seven months ago....."

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