Definder - what does the word mean?

What is caught on?

When someone catches feelings for you/someone you know?

You: Has "___" caught?
Your friend: Yeah I think (s)he has

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caught on - video

Caught on - what is it?

crossed-up (as in basketball)

damn son, j-webb jist crossed that other BMODL

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What does "caught on" mean?

What Mack Lee was when his mom came in and saw him leeowning his friends (see leeowned)

Mack got caught by his mom

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Caught on - what does it mean?

An adjective describing someone who is uncool or a loser. It is the opposite of the word sly, meaning cool or smooth.

Yo, that jerk is wicked caught, he just stole my girl!

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Caught on - meaning

oh man;to be dissed;screwed

Jack's girl found him cheating on her,he is so caught.
The girl told him to shut up, he got caught.

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Caught on - definition

Seen in commiting a moronic or embarrassing act.

What the fuck are you doing Billy? You're Caught!

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Caught on - slang

1) the act of being walked in on while engaging in masturbation

will's mom caught him again I guess we wont be seeing him for a while

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Caught on

Capturing something before it is even caught.

I have caughted the spider before the spider was captured.

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Caught on

When you are found being a nerd, dork, or loser. When you are found doing something corny.

Jess: James, You should watch Pokemon with me tomorrow afternoon.
James: Jess, you are so caught for watching Pokemon, nerd.

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Caught on

in the act of trying to defend a pass in football, the player your defending catches the ball directly over you

Rabi got caught on trying to stick youssef in the parking lot

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