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What is broke up?

when someone significant to you tells you they are not going to watch a Netflix series with you anymore.

e were watching series of Unfortunate events together loving it having a great time comparing the books reviewed the casting choices, loving the tone and comparing our imaginations from when we read the book. then she got busy I got busy, it wasn't a weekly thing anymore. Things started to fade but the fun memories were still there and we have only got the Aunt Josephine part.

Last week, She told me she was gonna start watching it with some else. Netflix broke up

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broke up - video

Broke up - what is it?

Something you might say when there is no rational explanation or excuse for someone's bad behaviour. Comes from the statment yelled by a gunman who on December 8, 2004, attacked members of a band named Damageplan and its fans. Two of the members of Damageplan had previously been members of the band Pantera.

Dad: Why didn't you do your chores?
Son: You broke up Pantera!
Dad: !?

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What does "broke up" mean?

When you send a monkey to carry a break-up letter to a significant other, rather than break up with that person yourself.

"It's always awkward when someone shows up for a date after I monkey broke-up with them."

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Broke up - what does it mean?

breaking up with a bro

Are you sure you want to stop playing laser tag with Barney?

I dunno dude, i'm bad at broking up

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Broke up - meaning

When bros decide not to be bros anymore.

Go easy on Jim, he is going through a difficult broke-up with Charles.

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Broke up - definition

prior to the event of an individual being jumped/beaten.

adriana is about to be broke up.

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