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What is books?

Something that goes really fast, generally in a good way

Did you see the sprints today? When Claire's Running she really books!

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Books - what is it?

a stack of hundred dollar bills equaling $5,000.00.
Stacked books are a stack of bills arranged all the same way equaling 5k made up of the same bill.

Make sure your books are stacked and ready on the 1st of the month.

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What does "books" mean?

n. Slang. Term for marijuana used when in the company of straights (e.g., parents, teachers). Regional: Western Canada.

"Yo, let's go read some books, dogg!" Regional: Western Canada.

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Books - what does it mean?

A way for a teenage girl to escape the judge mental people who surround her and escape to someone else's world. Books are amazing things that are slowly dying because everyone prefers to read on the Internet or not read at all.

Person 1: you should get a kindle since you love to read so much
Person 2: no thanks, I rather have the actual books with me when I read
Person 1: gasp

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Something we stopped caring about after the internet came along.

Why would I wanna read books when I can check about it on the internet?!

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The best thing to ever grace the planet. Remember the Dark Ages? That happened because there weren't enough books or people able to read them.
For a long time people valued books, but since the arrival of Internet, people have disregarded them in favor of browsing the Urban Dictionary.

Dude, do you read books?
Yeah, I love books!
We're like the only two left with that point of view!
We should totally get married!

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Did you know there HAVE been books printed since the fifties and the new ones are cool? They have them so anyone can understand them. Books can be about video games, sex, drugs, sports, people, pretty much everything. They come with cuss words, funny characters and you might understand some more of you those weird things...that's right. Words.

"Doood, books are lame and my perception of them doesn't exceed that of a cingle-celled organism."
"Doood. You used like those big-wordy thingies."
"I know! My predisposition about books was totally misguided, baseless, crude and illiterate!"

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What people don't read enough today.

"Books? What's that?"

Dumbass MTVeenager

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Portable sanctuaries.

Books can provide such wonderful escapes. They are like your own little sanctuary and you have a wide choice to lose yourself in. :)

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Books are amazing things that were forgotten after the internet came along. Some still enjoy reading, others groan whenever someone tells them to read. They would rather wait for the movie to come out. Books ARE movies. They transport you to amazing worlds, they let your imagination run free. Not all books are interesting,but the ones that are...Amazing.

Zac Effron: You have one a contest and can go one one date with me!

*girl turns page of books*
Zac: Hello?

*Teenage girl gasps*
Zac: NOW she sees me!

Teenage girl: He's dead!


Teenage girl: Newt is dead!

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