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What is acab?

All Cops Are Bastards

That cop pepper sprayed those peaceful demonstrators. Man, ACAB!

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Acab - what is it?

1. ACAB (A.C.A.B).
All Coppers Are Bastards / All Cops Are Bastards.
Origionally used by strikers in the UK, spread to prison inmates who often tattoo'd ACAB on themselves.

In the 70's became popular in the punk/oi scenes after the band 4-Skins used it as the title for a song.

Alternative defenitions are often used to avoid getting in trouble when quized on its mening, for example a march in germany had a banner proclaiming All Communists Are Beautiful.

2. ACAB - Anti Cuts Action Bristol, a local campaigning group fighting against austerity cuts and their root causes; capitalism and hierarchy.

3. Association of Community Access Broadcasters, a group of New Zealand community radio stations.

I'll sing you a song it won't take long, all coppers are bastards.

ACAB - Not from a bunch of white power twats, not from california.

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What does "acab" mean?

ACAB, or A.C.A.B. = All Coppers Are Bastards.

Originated way before the punk & Oi appropriation of the abbreviation. References to it go back to the 1940s in the UK. Often as a tattoo on those who've had unpleasant dealings with the British police.

ACAB tattoo across the hands/fingers/knuckles.

Occasionally seen as tattoo on the forehead during the punk/Oi era.

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Acab - what does it mean?

acab’s definition is all cops are bastards bastard comes from the word bastardised, this means corrupt, regardless wether there are good cops, they all work for a corrupt system and in a place where there is a homophobic, and racist bias.

Person: Cops have a homophobic and racist bias and it needs to be stopped, defund the police, acab

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Acab - meaning

Acab stands for all cops are beautiful

Man i really think acab
When someone has a acab sticker they really like cops

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Acab - definition

many people think acab stands for all cops are bad but it doesn't, it stands for all cops are bastards. bastards for working with the corrupt system. this is the way as not every individual cop is bad but the system very much is.

i stand for acab.

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Acab - slang

a- all
c- cops
a- are
b- bastardized

this doesnt refer to the cops, it refers to the system.

I support blm and acab.

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all cops are bastards. this trend has started in a attempt for people to see how unfair the black community is treated in the eyes of the law.

R.I.P trayvon #acab

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what girls named emily and olivia say as a response to anything they dont like

Person 1: "I dont agree with you on that point of view"
Emily: " Anyways, acab and stan nanci pelosi for clear skin"

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modern term that stands for "all cops are bastards"


it means the system is bastardized and unfair; see the blm protests and George floyd, breonna taylor, ahmaud arbory etc. etc.

bruh why are you against cops they literally work so hard to keep you safe.
I'm mad that the system is based off of white supremacy and is more unfair to minorities. ACAB!

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