Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Yerd?

A dude of some sort is trying to holler at you or trying to get at you.

Yeeeerd! My dude ova herre trying to talk to you, and get to know you my sister.

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Yerd - what is it?

just means "yup" or "yezzir"

Yo i got some bitches comin thru, u got that rack of coors my guy?
"Yerd, brah"

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What does "Yerd" mean?

a yearbook nerd

Those yerds spent the whole period taking pictures of everyone they saw.

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Yerd - what does it mean?

One who loves the smell of fresh yearbooks, making yearbooks, criticizing yearbooks, designing yearbooks, and collecting yearbooks. derived from the words "yearbook" and "nerd" forming yerd.

Person 1: "That girl has no life!"
Person 2: "That's because she's a yerd!"
Person 1: "Ooooh, that explains it..."

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Yerd - meaning

1. A Yearbook-Nerd (hence yerd)

2. A yearbook-nerd who is particularly obsessed with being in yearbook

3. A person that has been traumatized by the extraneous workload caused by being a member of Yearbook staff/Annual staff

4. A person in yearbook that can't help but using/recognizing yearbook terms in normal conversation (such as 'gutter', 'pica', 'whitespace', 'stroke', etc...)

5. A person in yearbook that uses yearbook terms as double entendres, usually to imply sexual ideas

1. "She's always carrying around her yearbook spreads! She's such a yerd!"

2. "Dude, stroke that!"
"But how many picas should I set it to?!"
"Not that 'stroke', you yerd!"

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Yerd - definition

A girl who is a dummy or tramp. A girl who gets around alot and does not even care.

Mahad: Yo richard! That girl is bad as shit!
Richard: Yeah! Too bad she a YERD!!!!

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Yerd - slang

To beat with a stick

I yerd all the time

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Slang started by the Dele gang, has been in use since the beginning of 2019. This brings togather the words “you heard” or “do you understand?”

*in a group chat*
Mike : we going to the beach today?
Sydney : I’m down , leave at 2pm?
Mike : ok dope - yerd that boys?

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A combination of the words you, and heard.

"Ok, so I was bangin' your sister..."

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Combination of the words Yah and Heard. In response to a question or statement.

Yerd me brah?

Yerd what I'm talking about?

"That girls ass is fine?"

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