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What is beginning?

New and improved term for empty nester - parent(s) who no longer has children living in their home with them.

Oh my gosh, you are a begin againer now!

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Beginning - what is it?

its a beautiful colorful sight in the skies or on ground level. somewhat looks like a cloud or hazy mess. they are known to be found ANYWHERE. even your backyard. approximately 36 billion are happening anywhere on the planet every second.

did you see that beautiful satire beginning last night in central africa?

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What does "beginning" mean?

The consolidation of sex and a massage, but the sex comes first. Therefore, instead of a happy ending, you have a happy beginning, which makes the massage that more relaxing. Wondering if you're going to get a happy ending can make a massage tense, but the point it to relax, so I definitely recommend the happy beginning.

Girlfriend: Hey, turn over, I'll give you a massage.
Boyfriend: How about we have a little sex first?
Girlfriend: Oh, you want a happy beginning.

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Beginning - what does it mean?

Starring Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne / Batman. As of 2006, this could very well be the best Batman film to date. The term 'Batman Begins' is used in association with film remakes or restarts (within a franchise) that exceed their predecessors.

Casino Royale could be the 'Batman Begins' of the 007 franchise!

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Batman Begins is a 2005 American superhero action film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman,directed by Christopher Nolan.It stars Christian Bale as Batman,along with Michael Caine,Liam Neeson,Katie Holmes,Gary Oldman,Cillian Murphy,Morgan Freeman,Ken Watanabe,Tom Wilkinson,and Rutger Hauer.This film is a reboot of the Batman film series,telling the origin story of the character and begins with Bruce Wayne's initial fear of bats,the death of his parents,and his journey to becoming Batman.
Besides being the film responsible for the "reboot" craze in Hollywood,this film also has a number of "firsts" attached to it.Here they are:

1.Christian Bale is the first non-American actor to portray Batman/Bruce Wayne.
2.Batman Begins is the first film to show the true origins of Bruce Wayne/Batman as depicted in the graphic novels(i.e. this film shows the death of Bruce Wayne's parents by Joe Chill, rather than the Joker, as shown in Batman(1989)).
3.First "big screen" appearance of Ra's al Ghul.
4.First "big screen" appearance of the League of Shadows.
5.First "big screen" appearance of The Scarecrow.
6.First "big screen" appearance of Carmine Falcone.
7.First "big screen" appearance of Lucius Fox.
8.First "big screen" appearance of Joe Chill.
9.First "big screen" appearance of Victor Zsasz(a cameo)
10.First "big screen" appearance of the Tumbler(Batmobile)

Batman Begins scene:
Jim Gordon:(Gordon presents Batman with a clear plastic evidence bag containing what appears to be a single playing card;Batman turns it over to reveal a "Joker").

Batman:"I'll look into it."

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The physical act of multiple women (8 will do) partaking in the act of splurring on one male

Don't touch my computer or I will begine on you.

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A cool french man who loves to wank at night.

Omg did you see that Begin last night at his computer?

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a girl that is beautiful adorable cute loving girl that you can ever meet she's unique because she's the only girl that's named begine in the USA she loves going on her Instagram and looking through her explore page she hates skirts loves sneakers she loves chick-fil-a and McDonald's

Z:Hey Begine
B:Hey Gurll

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The human reproductive organs. A vagina or a penis. The beginnings of all life happen here.

Her skirt was so short you could see her beginnings.

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The start of something.

The X Factor was the beginning of One Direction's career.

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