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What is Tom's?

A man's testicle.

My left Tom is so sore.

See also: Tom and Harry

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Tom's - meme gif

Tom's meme gif

Tom's - video

Tom's - what is it?

Tom: Tom is generous and sweet. Tom can be a total man-child, tom can be perverted. But Tom is a man you'd be lucky to have because though he might live far away he wants to take care of you when your sick or sad. he wants to calm you down when youre mad and snuggle you to sleep every night. tom is sensitive and his feelings will brake easy but its ok because its better than building walls. tom likes to do impulsive things when hes having a bad week. Tom know what he does wrong when he does it and says sorry when it is unneeded. Tom is the most perfect, handsome man in the whole universe and im lucky to have him. I want to grow old and, if I solidly change my mind, have children with him. I want to sleep in his arms every night. I want to have adventures with him. He is my Dark Angel and I am his Dark Princess <3

Tom: I love you forever.
Me: I love you till the day after forever

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What does "Tom's" mean?

tomming is a word used to describe a pervert in the act of peeping at someone getting changed

man #1: dude are you tomming on my wife?
man #2:

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Tom's - what does it mean?

a beautiful man with an extraordinarily big penis and heroic testicles.
makes every girl moist when he walks in the room

Girl 1: "ooh! ive just had a strange sensation in between my legs"
Girl 2: "me too"
Guy 1: "dammit! tom's just walked in the room. i wish i was him"

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Tom's - meaning

When you slap someone (preferly a chick) with ur penis

I tom-tomed her last night accross her tits

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Tom's - definition

An individual, smartly dressed, intelligent, charming, charismatic, very good looking, caring boy who stands out for all the right reasons. Has a sensitive side that only people close to him see, a very interesting person with many stories that keep you entertained for hours. Has amazing eyes. Tells jokes about everything and makes them up on the spot, hilarious and witty. Loves music and films, Very lovable-yet he doesn't fall in love easily. Great kisser, Romantic and cute, the best boyfriend a girl can ever ask for.

Girlfriend: I love Tom, he's so perfect.

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Tom's - slang

Tomming is a phrase used to describe someone who is indulging in prostitution, i.e being a tom.

have you been tomming?

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A skinny white male with a large penis capable of birthing small litters of well endowed kittens.

Dammit Tom Tom

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A acronym for a Thompson SubMachine Gun, otherwise known as a Tommy Gun. Used in the Nicki Minaj single, "Massive Attack" in reference to 'attacking' the modern music industry with 'destructive' and catchy songs.

"We've got tom toms over here, bigger than a monster." -Nicki Minaj

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to locate. to locate or find something or someone you tom-tom.

The old lady would never tom-tom me here. Man, you're lucky cause my old lady's got built-in tom-tom.

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