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What is lucky?

Lucky is truly one of the most necessary girl needed in this world...she has the ability to lift others up, entirely change others' moods, she's amazingly loyal, and she is perfect in all of her ways! Lucky is probably good at sports and academics, and many come to her for help. She is also beautiful on the inside and out, even though she denies it. Lucky often doesn't have anyone to quite understand her. She is constantly trying to find her good friends in life. She's the type of girl to stay up all night to talk you out of suicide. She is EXTREMELY could say loyal to a fault. She can quickly befriend people, as her humor, intelligence, talent, loyalty, and ability of understanding make her highly desirable. She's sassy, and she'll always be the one you can talk to about your problems. She's fun to be around and a bit crazy. LUCKY probably has a LOT of drama going on in her life...whether it be boys, friends, or both! She's no drama queen, but drama just loves her. In the end, Lucky tackles that drama and gets her life together. She probably has multiple talents and hobbies, and someone is probably crushing on her right now. She is amazing with animals as well! Lucky is someone to never cut off, as she will make your life a living hell if you do so. People who win over her heart (a boyfriend or friends) are truly the most "lucky" people in this world! She is someone that can completely impact the world around her, so keep being you Lucky!

Hey, do you know Lucky won the Piano Competition? She's extremely talented!

Lucky helped me when I lost my job, and I am proud to be her best friend.

Do you see Lucky and Jacob over there *points* they're such a ship!

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Lucky - what is it?

A very cool magazine about shopping which not only highlights the under-the-radar trends in fashion, beauty and home furnishings but also explains how to wear/integrate them. Unfortunately, women everywhere have caught on to this little gem of a publication and what was once hip, fresh and unique has become mainstream. Ah well...

'Lucky' was so much cooler about 2 years ago, when not every chick on the block had her nose stuck in it the moment it hit newsstands.

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What does "lucky" mean?

The performance of Manchester United's English Premier League campaign of the year 2008-2009. Winning almost all 38 matches,by a single goal deficit only.

"Barcelona were lucky to win La Liga in 2009."

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Lucky - what does it mean?

Slang term for a whore's vagina, especially those from New York. Normally heard in the phrase, "he's getting lucky tonight."

"Eliana is such a whore, sharing her lucky with anything that has two legs."

"Geez, my lucky is so sore from that freaky stuff I did last night."

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A song by Britney Spears released in 2000. It was the second single off of her sophomore album "Oops!... I Did It Again" It is arguably one of her deepest songs lyrically.

Lyrically, "Lucky" and is about a famous star, who despite being very "lucky" and seemingly having it all - fame, wealth, beauty and so on - is truly lonely on the inside.

The song is a commentary on fame and the hollowness of it if you don't have someone you truly love, or someone who truly loves you, that you can share it with.

Guy 1: I just heard Lucky for the first time the other day.
Guy 2: Yeah, what about it?
Guy 1: It's so beautiful
*Guy 1 starts to sob*
Guy 2: It's okay. Let it out. You're in good company.
Guy 3: C'mon you guys, seriously?!

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(noun): A clumsy person that thinks they are cool. They are a wise person and makes smile. One who also has fine hair and is very nice to women. This person is fly like a G6 and can do anything better than others. They can cook with their eyes closed, they can sing falsetto with their mouth taped up, they can dance upside down, and they are professional sex masters. These persons are not good at math, but loves to write about others. They always look for others and get away with anything. This person isn't perfect, but is a perfectionist. This person is unique.

My Name is Lucky

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Having great things happen in life without question of regrets.

That girl Crystal was so lucky to have a boy like Andrew! I wish i was that lucky..

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the first cigarette you take out of a new box. this "lucky" cigarette is then turned upside-down and placed back in the box and saved to be the last cigarette in the box smoked.

"can i bum a cig?"
"um...well, all i have left is my lucky"
"oh okay, that's cool dude. i'll ask someone else."

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As in the number seven. Serendipity shit.

Is he a seven? Are you getting lucky tonight? He is not a six or an eight. He must be AND she must be. Perfection in a jar. Bottled and saved for later.

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1. Prone to Good Fortune
2. Succeeding through chance.
3. Homer Simpson

Remember, Lucky is to succeed through chance, not a crap new cable show or a Britney Spears song.

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