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What is South High School?

Part of clarkstown central school district. The better out of the two high schools. Located in West Nyack, New York. Has a range of people that go there with awesome teachers and a principal that screams when its friday.

Man, that Clarkstown South high school is one great school!

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South High School - what is it?

United South High school,An amazing school with beatiful people
No, Just kidding.
The school houses about 98% Hispanic
And about 2% Other.
It has a dictator-ship Principle.
That NO ONE appreciates, Or even KNOWS the good hes doing.
Everyone hates their classes,skips, and smokes.
And the bathrooms have poop on the walls.
Because the students are too immature to clean themselves.
The stupid part is the sports.
We claim to be the best.
But theres no funding for Academic teams.
and we SUCK at sports.
Personally, I hate that mentality.
And I Hate the people.
And I hate the restroom.

Look at a gas station restroom.
and you'll know how the restrooom at United South High school looks like,.

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What does "South High School" mean?

One of the five high schools in the Town of Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo, basically a lot of middle class in most areas. Williamsville South was the first of the "Williamsvilles". Later North and East were formed because mass amount of developments were built. South has the least amount of students (<1,000) of the three schools, mainly because the school gets shafted for everything. There is a definite amount of pot heads at the school and a fair amount of drinkers. South used to be known as the preppy school but now as society has changed, there are a bunch of wiggers, emos and some wanna be hippies. Sports (the billies) aren't top notch mainly because the small population of the school. Most of the school is pretty lazy and they rather go to Farber Lane and smoke a cig. Most alumni agree that the school is going down the shitter. Administration is insane on its rules mainly because the principal is from Texas. Yee haw. There aren't huge house parites mainly because of parents never leave unlike rich families. Football either 0-8 or 1-7 past decade but kids go just to get drunk and have fun. Its very rare that you actually see the touchdown, because its like a party on the bleachers.

Williamsville South High School is becoming a pretty pathetic school.

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South High School - what does it mean?

A school full of fun-loving students. Doesn't mean that they are all potheads or easy, it just means that they know how to party and have game. People from miscellaneous schools tend to dislike Olathe South, simply because they are angry that their house was built so far away. There is talk that Olathe South's sports teams are shit. Well they have a new, shiny state trophy that proves that statement wrong. Students from Olathe East talk poorly of the south students, but what they don't realize is South students have a higher tendency to succeed in life, due to the fact that they get jobs, and don't rely on their parents to do everything for them.

Middle school student: What school should I go to?
Well informed teacher: Olathe South High School. Hands down.

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South High School - meaning

Where you are asked the question at least 5 times a day "can i hit your j?"

Johnny: "Yo can I hit your J?"
Mark: "I don't have it."
Mark: Its maine south high school dude

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South High School - definition

The school that you will search on YouTube looking for fight videos with the the only good basketball team in central Ohio. Bomb threats happen basically every month! Look forward to trying to get an education but miserably failing. Also while being forced to walk in halls while a fight or rap battle occurs. Teachers really don't care what happens except when their pay check comes.

"Oh man bruh this school is almost as bad as Westerville South High School"

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South High School - slang

A high school in Pueblo, Colorado known for having the most teen bodybuilders per capita. Besides eating Chipotle (at least 3 times a week), working out (only upper body), and partying on the weekends, South kids really don't do a whole lot. You can find the halls packed with tools flexing and taking selfies ("I'm Zyzzz Brah!"), hoes talking about yoga pants, and ratchets caking on lip balm. One thing is for sure, if you go anywhere near this school, make sure to have a gym membership, protein shake, Starbucks coffee, and or iphone. Warning: It is always bulking season, no legs November, and arm day.

"Hey brah looks like you're walking on stilts!" "Sorry broseph, I go to Pueblo South High School."

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South High School

A school where the administration illegally searches their students and does everything in their power to make certain students school life miserable.

Lmfao you go to Elkhorn South High School?” “Yeah Kalvoda harasses and searches me for no reason.”

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South High School

A high school in the upper middle class suburb of Park Ridge. The easiest school in America to get hooked to pot, cocaine, and LSD 2 days after your first day as a Freshman.

Senior: Hey dude want a hit of this juul with a dose of weed?

Freshman: Yeah sure *gets hooked do drugs for the rest of high school*

Billy: Yeah I'm making a lot of drug sales

Mike: Wow you must go to Maine South High School

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South High School

Dumb ass white privileged and white dominated school. Every other race gets treated like shit. Filled with crackheads who uses violence to solve problems. There’s also a shit ton of dumb bitches that stand in the middle of the hallway for no fucking reason. In other words, this school sucks dick.

South High School sucks dick.

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