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What is white privileged?

Donald Trump

White privilege :'Donald trump'. "A small loan of a million dollars"

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white privileged - video

White privileged - what is it?

A made up term by an old femcel named Peggy McIntosh. The term has arbitray criteria for which white people have unforeseen advantages as evidenced by nothing but cherry picked circumstances. It is essentially a new wave of bigotry disguised as anti-bigotry.

"See this Huffpost article? We have two different court cases from different states, involving different people, different laws, with different outcomes. The white criminal got less time than the black criminal! This is evidence of white privilege."

"Yes, but it appears there is more to these cases than the clickbait article. The black criminal has been a repeat offender and resisted. The white criminal made his first offence, entered a guilty plea, and turned himself in...."

"Stop mansplaining me. I am literally shaking right now"

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What does "white privileged" mean?

A made up term used by SJW's to pretend that white people have some sort of unwritten advantage in the world, even though in America white men are the only group with no extra legal benefits. Every other minority group & women have laws on the books that give them advantages white men cannot attain.

White privilege is an excuse lazy people use to gain sympathy & use to their advantage.

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White privileged - what does it mean?

A made up term used by SJW's/Twitter users when they have no valid argument left

Person 1: That's just white privilege!

Person 2: Oh you one of thooose

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White privileged - meaning

An excuse POC (people of color) use to dismiss any type of unfortunate event happening in their life, dismiss White Folks out of their hard work, and even dismiss their own problems and failures.

Wow! This dude just struck rich because he invested into Cryptocurrency and businesses! White privilege at it's finest.
I can't believe I lost my job and a white person took my job. All I did was miss work all the time and barely even do the work!. This needs to be illegal.

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White privileged - definition

Something a black Karen made up to make other people feel bad for being different.

Karen: You are so White privileged! You can do anything because you're not black.

Them: I'm so sorry..... yes i am. Please forgive me

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White privileged - slang

White Privilege is when its legal to commit crimes against and spew hate speech to someone just because they're white. White people are the only race you can legally discriminate against in the United States.

I just got kicked off the bus for being white. Must be my White Privilege.

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White privileged

A lie that helps far-left people in convincing themselves that racism against whites is OK.

This guy is successful not because he worked for decades to be in the place he is right now, but because his whiteness and his white privilege.

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White privileged

A false ideology created to cultivate victim hood.

White privilege made me do it...

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White privileged

The cheapest draft beer in a bar

Hey Joe, what can I get you? I'll take a white privilege, thanks.

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