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What is can i?

Someone asking can they sit on a man's penis/dick and move around on it, like in a very sexual way

1) Him: You're a lawn and I wanna fuck you so badly!
Her: Can I ride? I'll let you should punish me πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

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can i - video

Can i - what is it?

Its a game you text someone and ask them "can i tap that" and you see what they say. If your good enought you might get laid. If your not then it will still be funny.

Me: When can i tap that ?
Her: I told you once, if you text my girlfriend again I'm gonna destroy you.
Me: This isn't Beth?
Her: No it's her boyfriend asshole.
Me: Could you ask her for me?

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What does "can i" mean?

Something lonely people say on a Friday night.

person 1: Hey what's going on?
person 2: Party, invite only
person 1: Can I come?
person 2: Yeah… I guess

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Can i - what does it mean?

Saying, can I get in bed with you

Are you going to bed soon?
Can I slytherin?

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Can i - meaning

Yes you can!

This is a common call and response technique used by MC's worldwide. The response is always "yes you can!", though a few inconsiderates may bite and say that the MC cannot, in fact, kick it. These people are assholes.

Biz: Can I kick it?
Dj Kool: Yes you can!
Biz: You know what I can do with the mic in my hand.

Q-Tip: Can I kick it? (Yes you can!)
Well I'm gone (go on then!)

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Can i - definition

Can I have sex with you?
This is a form of asking consent to have sex

β€œHey, can I bun?”
This is equal to asking β€œ hey, can I have sex with you”

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Can i - slang

Used when a student forgets to do his or her work when it is due.

Student 1: "Bro, Can I Copy?"
Student 2: "Yeah, go ahead."

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Can i

An expression of frustration with one's current situation. Or expression of growing impatience with requests being made of oneself.

Taniqua: Yo change the radio station B
BG: Shut up yo, I love this song
(two minutes later)
Taniqua: Yo I told you to make a right on the last block
BG: Yo taniqua, can I live?

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Can i

To inquire if one can get it in with a particularily attractive person.

Justin: "Damn Angel, can I holla?"

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Can i

A quick and easy way of asking a bird if they would like to fornicate/fuck
Due to its abrupt and down right rude nature, the can i? on a ratio is only succesful 1 time for every 100 times asked.

Andy mobile to Nadia mobile - "Can i? "

Nadia mobile to Andy mobile - "NO,dont u know how to treat a lady? are you quara again?"

Andy mobile to Nadia Mobile - "Is that a no?

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