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What is Shawn?

A very sexy, strong, independent man who is also very sensitive. Shawns are usually brunette and very appealing!

Damn look at Shawn, too bad hes taken

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Shawn - what is it?

A sexy, hazel eyes babe. These guys are friends with everyone, and are very flirty. You'll be lucky if you snag one.

"Damn who's that...they are fine as hell."
Oh of course, that's Shawn

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What does "Shawn" mean?

A sweet, caring guy who you will never want to stay apart from. Doesn’t matter where you are you just want to talk to him. He has an amazing heart and sense of humor. Isn’t afraid to tell you the straight out truth, which. Shawn doesn’t want to lose his love ones and will do anything to keep his girlfriend happy. Will play video games as much as possible. Usually Shawn’s are brunettes, with hazel eyes.

“Did you see shawn ?? “
yes!!! God, I want myself a Shawn

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Shawn - what does it mean?

Can please any girl in the bed and is kind and caring

Shawn is so fine

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Shawn is a handsome, nice, kind, intelligent, cool guy. He's friends with everyone and everyone likes him. Usually rich. Shawn's are overall pretty awesome.

Shawn is so cool

I really like Shawn

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Shawn is someone who has a good heart and loves people without judging and loves his friends and family and will do anything for them. He has an amazing personality and he's goofy and weird and is true to himself no matter what people say. He is talented in many ways and utilizes his talent to it's fullest extent. People love him because of who he is on the inside.

"I love Shawn he's the best guy I've ever met he's so true to himself"

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A God among men. The type of person you always wanna have around. There's perfect and then there's Shawn

Wow, I really want to be like Shawn

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Shawn is the quietest extrovert you will ever meet, until you get him in is element. Shawn's are extremely loyal and will often make sacrifices for others. Shawn's are usually very handsome brunettes that like a heavy stuble on there face. Shawns are usually very smart but hate being stuck behind a desk and will persue work more unique then a typical 9-5. Most Shawn's are just waiting for a woman they can give there all for, there care for there friends can be seen compounded for the there significant other. Shawn's may seem to be very confident but they actually have confidence issues and may even have an imposter syndrome. Shawns are adventurous and like to be spontaneous. Shawns is friends with everyone he has a genuine personality that everyone enjoys. Shawn's love to cuddle and will be satisfied with a day snuggled up on the couch. Shawn's often go all in for a relationship and can get hurt pretty easily from disloyalty or rejection.
If you've got a Shawn remember what you've got.

Person 1: hey your dating Shawn right?
Person 2: yeah, he's great! I've never met some who was as caring plus he's easy on the eyes.
Person 1: you're so lucky! Keep ahold of that one... I wish I had a Shawn!

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Shawn: A very caring guy with a great personality an a good heart, very loyal an knows what he wants.
Very interesting intelligent person an very independent an trust worthy
He's full of new exciting things.
He's smart has a nice body very well built.
He has perfect hair an a face of a god.
He's very pashinet an romantic.
Somebody every girl dreams of.

"Shawn the dreamer boy"

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A very attractive person who will take the time to get to know you. Always has a good sense of humor, is never negative. Shawns can be shy at first but once they get to know you they become more comfortable talking around you. Very kind person.

Who's that kid always smiling

Oh that's Shawn

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