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What is SK?

SK is short form for a soccer king

Cristiano Ronaldo is like SK!!

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SK - what is it?

SK is an abbreviation, which stands for Script Kiddie, the infamous group of hacker wannabes and the like that have to use real hackers' discoveries and knowledge to affect a system/network/website etc. rather than use their own.

The SKs used what had discovered, and took the network down.

Damnit! Some stupid SK's got a DoS attack tool and DoS-ed my site!

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Video meme

What does "SK" mean?

Sick Kunt

Random 1 - "oh my god look over there its those sk's robdogg and jeffa paro as fuck, listening to jeezy and mos beats at the plaza cakkin at goons!"
Random 2- "fuck, dont look right in there eyes"
Random 1- "yeah theres no tellin what they will do"
Random 2- "they dont call em sik kunts for nothin"

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SK - what does it mean?

SK is a acronym for Shitty Kids. Shitty Kids are kids who try hard in video games but just generally fail. A true clan of SK's have a jew, a black man, and an ginger. SK's are also known as Slacking Kills because Shitty Kids always slack kills.

Yo you see that camper over there?
Ya man, he must be in SK.

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SK - meaning

Sick Kent ( for the more politically correct among us)

HE is such a sick kent

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SK - definition

Abbreviation for “Shitty Kid.” That annoying ass kid in high school wearing DC’s who smokes cigarettes, cheats on tests and tries to steal your girlfriend/boyfriend, all around douche.

Term originated from Salem, OR.

“David? Oh yeah I know him he went to South. What an SK! I couldn’t believe he even graduated.”

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SK - slang

Scrap Killa

I'ma straight SK till I die

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SK - Short hand for 'Soggy Knicks'. A Word used to describe the result of female arousal by someone whom they find attractive.

Oh my god, he's so hot. I just got SK.

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An abreviation, short for the SKS. A semiautomatic rifle that is easy to convert to fully-automatic. A favorite of old school gangstas as it was invented around the same time as the AK-47

"I popped the punk ass with my SK. He didn't have a chance!"

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Abbreviation for Snitch Killer.

"You better hope he never gets out of prison! If he finds out you snitched, he'll kill you!! He's an SK!!"

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