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What is graduated?

1. A ceremony which celebrates your ability to sit in a small box for 12 years and not fall asleep too often.

2. A related ceremony which divides 4+ years of more advanced education and the crippling debt which follows.

"The only important thing about graduation is that you never have to see the people that pissed you off for the last 4 years ever again."

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Graduated - what is it?

when all you have to do to make your family cry is sit, stand, and walk

i was sitting next to my classmates when the principal called my name, so i stood and walked over to him to get my diploma. the next thing i knew, my mom was bawling. thats graduation for ya.

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What does "graduated" mean?

This is the day you leave high school with a diploma, and many gaping wounds and/or emotional pain/catharsis.

Wow, Tom! Congratulations on graduating from high school, isn't that a big relief?

Tom: Well, this wound from AP Chemistry will never go away, and I feel like crying like a little girl, knowing I don't have to put up with those fucking losers and that history teacher for the rest of my life *cries*


Then comes college, when you become a freshman all over again, CONGRATS!

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Graduated - what does it mean?

The 1967 classic starring Dustin Hoffman, Anne Bancroft, and Katherine Ross. The Graduate is about a recent college graduate (Hoffman) who is seduced by the wife (Bancroft) of his father's business partner, then ends up falling in love with her daughter (Ross). Anne Bancroft's character became one of the most famous characters in movie history, Mrs. Robinson. The popular song "Mrs. Robinson" by Simon and Garfunkel was used in the movie.

It was based on a book by Charles Webb with the same title written in 1963.

The Graduate is one of the best films that came out of the 60's.

Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me. Aren't you?

And here's to you Mrs. Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know.

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Graduated - meaning

The best/worst thing for a high-schooler to experience before they take their leap into the real world. A last chance for friends/crushes/acquaintances/etc. to get together for the last time, and, hopefully, get phone numbers/e-mail addresses/Myspaces to talk to each other after they all leave high school.

At graduation, I tried to kiss my than girlfriend, she moved away from the kiss, and told me that she was cheating on me someone else. She than proceeded to graduate while my dad took a picture of us standing together with our diploma covers. Needless to say, my graduation sucked ass. Also, don't throw your caps when you graduate. I did, and got back one without a graduating class pin.

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Graduated - definition

a ceremony in which all participants are wearing identical caps and identical gowns. The class speaker will usually state that the key to success is individuality.

At graduation, Mr. Anderson stated in order to be successful one must branch out from the rest.

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Graduated - slang

The supreme ability to tolerate 12 years of school with out putting a gun in your mouth, to enter the real world and have someone else put a gun in your mouth for you.

Guy: Dude, we did it. We survived till graduation!
Guy2: Yea, Joe got close tho, only 2 months short.
Guy; Thats pretty good i guess.

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The day you realize you just spent 13 years of your life to walk across a stage wearing a funny looking hat to get a piece of paper.

What!?! I worked the equivilent of a full time job for 13 years for a piece of paper that basically means I didn't fall asleep in class too much! There goes 13 years of my life that i'll never get back. What's the point of graduation anyway?

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Can be either the greatest moment or the saddest. I thought it would be the greatest but looking back I would give up everything just for one day back in school. Crushes, unfairness, homework, love, friends, idiot teachers, recess, lunch, all that stuff. I miss it all. I find it strange to be looking back right now on this. But I guess the saying they say is true. "You never knew how much fun being a kid really was until your older."

I miss school. There said it.

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The best known cure to senioritis and similar diseases. Side effects include long gowns, flat square-shaped hats, diplomas, responsibility, college, and/or career.

After graduation, Jerry learned to pack his own lunches.

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