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What is David?

David is an honest caring gentleman. Tall dark and handsome! He will treat you like a princess. He puts others before himself everyday. He is intelligent brave understanding and will stand by you no matter what. Not to mention he is excellent in bed! David is a three in one deal: funny, nerdy, and sexy!! He will cheer you up, make you laugh, and make you cry (happy tears). He is the sweetest guy, do not ever take him for granted. Be careful what you wish for, cause he will make you’re your wishes come true! The most amazing person, I’ve ever met, my best friend, and soul mate David.

Wow I wish my boyfriend was David.
You're so lucky to be with David.

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David - what is it?

David is outgoing, loving , and an amazing person overall. he is the fuuniest person i know and the most kind hearted. he is an amazing friend/boyfriend ever. he might not always respond but hes worth it so if you got one, keep em.

"yep that Davids mine ."

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What does "David" mean?

David's amazing. He can light up any room he walks into. He's got the most beautiful eyes you've ever seen. And a stunning smile. He's strong, talented, &has a great sense of humor. He can steal anyone's heart. He knows what to say when someones down&always sticks up for what he believes in. He's the most caring, loving, and forgiving person you'll ever meet. You'll never meet anyone like him. He's real and will always tell you the truth. He kicks ass in baseball. Gives the best hugs and kisses. You'll always remember David. He's beautiful&special in every way. No one can make your heart pound like David can.

That guy doesn't even compare to David.

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David - what does it mean?

David is the guy who you can always trust with anything. Within a minute of nearing him you feel like you an share the world with him. He has the most beautiful eyes and smile and always knows how to cheer you up. He loves you with all he has and won't let go. Keep David. Don't let go of this one. He's special

1: is that David?
1: don't let go of him

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David - meaning


One word: BADASS. Can make anyone laugh. Usually very attractive, tall and has a certain innocence about him. Has beautiful eyes that seduce your soul. Loves girls, and everything about girls. One horny dude, but completely lovable. The coolest kid on the block. Likes to party.

Guy 1: "Did you see David today?"

Guy 2: "Oh yeah man, what a boss."

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David - definition

Of Hebrew Origin, Meaning: Man after God's own heart. Mighty King, Conquring Warrior. Leader and protector assigned by God. Contemplative, prayerful and wise. A man of honor. One of true character, strength, beauty, vision and talent. Creator of beautiful music. Lifter of spirit's. Joyful, Playful. Mender of things broken. Adored and loved one. My gift from God.

Standing victorious at the end of the battlefield, looking over wheat fields of gold, David contemplated all that stood before him and all left behind, and out of his heart created beautiful music for the Lord, who is good.

With joyful abandon, out his hearts abundance, David made beautiful music and lifted the people's spirits and gave them hope

A man after God's own heart, David spent time alone seeking God's face.

The deepest water or the longest crossing could not keep my heart from my adored one, David.

On the battlefield's of life, there is no other I'd rather stand beside than a leader and protector such as David.

In a memory flash, the harmony of angles lead me home, to my destiny, to be only with you, David.

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David - slang

Davids are usually very sweet and charming. Although they can also be tricky. If you love a David, you will find yourself falling in love with him over and over whenever he says your name.

David, I love you.

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David is someone who will never let you down. They empower others by simply being themselves. David is wise and kind and gives all that he can to what he believes in most. With one look, he knows what's on your heart and how to give you what you need to feel supported and loved as you process what you're feeling. David will give all of himself to his passions and goals. He gives so much of himself to others, I hope he remembers to give to himself too. His heart is a beat to keep time to. David's

very presence grounds everyone around him and reminds them why they're here. He grants you the clarity, through few and highly impactful words, to see yourself and whatever situation you're facing more clearly than you did before. David sees through the bullshit and seeks the real. He seeks the truth. There is no one I would rather have on my team than him. He brings a light to the world that cannot be found in anyone else. You'll find yourself grateful for every moment spent with him. He will light up your whole world. He will become everything you've ever looked for or sought after. It might take you a long time to see it and realize it, but when you do, you'll never be the same.

Person: Where does your soul travel to at night when you sleep?
Me: With him. With David.

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David always seems like a person who is quiet at first but actually is a really cool guy. He's really shy and doesn't show how awesome of a person he is because people don't give him enough chances or talk to him. Chances are, if you see a David, you'll have to be the person to talk first to get the conversation going. Oh and David's have big dicks.

That new kid is so quiet.
Well duh, he's a David. Let's talk to him.

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A very sweet and Handsome guy but who is also very shy. Who is extremely good at mostly anything he does and won't admit it. They need help to open up to people and are only open to people they are close to. David’s are very sweet and just a hug from them will make your day 1000 times better. They will always be by your side and there to cheer you up when you need them. They are also eager to be someone in this world, maybe a business man or a doctor.

Did you see David today? He’s an awesome friend right?

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