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What is MOS?

a bastardization of mos def meaning "I concur" or "Affirmative"

"man, this food they're serving blows"

"are you going to join the riots tonight?"

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MOS - what is it?

make out slut.

Naw, she's an MOS.

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What does "MOS" mean?

a pussy bitch with a small dick

mos has a small dick

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MOS - what does it mean?

Stands for Ministry of Sound, a highly successful nightclub in London where they play electronica and stuff.

person a: did you get that mos annual cd?
person b: why dont you go to my amazon wishlist and buy it for me
person a: ok!

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Mom over shoulder, often said in AIM to keep the reciever of the message from saying something particuarly "nasty" or "questionable"

UT4k2:What the hell does that mean?
Darkbob101:Too late...

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Moment of silence.

"MOS for all these bae's."
"Can you believe my dog ate a squirrel? MOS for the loss."

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short for make out session. Used in context with mos it to describe incognito when you are going to make out without having to say it.

Andrew wanted to mos it tonight, but once again was turned down.

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Actually the acronym M.O.S that stands for "Member of the Opposite Sex".

(You must have seen this word in some purity tests around the net)

Have you performed a strip tease for an MOS?

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Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

My MOS is Infantryman (11B).

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Ok, summary time. The word or acronym M.O.S. can have several meanings:

1. Member of the Opposite Sex
2. Mutual Oral Sex (see 69)
3. Make out session
4. "Mom over shoulder", a warning in chatrooms or IMs
5. Ministry of Sound, a nightclub in London UK
6. A short form for mos def, which is a short form for "most definitely".
7. Military Occupational Specialty (US Army)

M.O.S. can also be an abbreviation of a shitload of other terms that are mos def not used in slang. Including Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, Made of Steel, Marine Observation Satellite, Medical Outcomes Study, Member of Service, Mode Of Shipment etc.

Err... recently 2 London grrlz on aim:

A: "So tell me what happened after the party at MoS last night!"
B: "Ok, I was just about to leave when I met this really handsome MOS.
He told me his MOS is Infantryman in the US Army. Guys in uniform just turn me on!"
A: "Sweet, and then? Did you make out with him?"
B: "Yes! We had a good mos in the club and then he asked me if I wanted to come to his place, I said 'mos!'"
A: "Really, so did you...?"
B: "Yeah, when we got there, we started to have some real good MOS..."
A: "Wait, MOS!"
B: "Ok, ttyl ;)"

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