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What is I can?

The only thing you can think to say when someone asks you something stupid

Guy: why are you writing that definition with a stylus?

Me:Because I can

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I can - what is it?

the last words you're gonna say

Look, I can fly!!!


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What does "I can" mean?

It’s where you can relate to everything.

“I love myself even if I look like a burnt chicken nugget, I still love myself” I CAN RELATE.

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I can - what does it mean?

A cinematic elucidation, usually but not exclusively appended to the end of an answer.... Usually but not exclusively in retort to an important question.

''How many cans of Heineken did you get? Did you get Ice?'' ... ''Twenty-four and a shoulder of Smirnoff. No Ice, I can reveal.'' ...

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I can

A phrase often uttered by people who have absolutely no logical reason for doing something when asked why they are doing said thing in the first place.

Bob: "Why did you burn down that house?"
Joe: "Because I can."

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I can

1: Lolcat slang for "Can I have?" First used in the expression "i can has cheezburger?" but obviously applicable to other situations.

2: The equivalent of #include in Lolcode.

1: Oh noes, the government is wiretapping me again. I can has new prezdent?


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I can

what is said when you want to call later becuase the computer you wanted to order doesnt come with speakers.

I can believable, all this for speakers. Like a little baby girl.

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I can

Short for “I can suck your dick”.

-And what can you do, my feminine fellow?
-I can sus.

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I can

An absolute and valid verbal justification of any action that is seemingly without a clear goal or purpose.
This expression is used to quickly make someone realize that the action in itself is so mindnumbingly cool and awe-inspiring that a purpose is no longer necessary.

Q: Why on earth would you want to play "Für Elise" on an HP Scanner!

A: Because I can

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I can

a statement used when a situation becomes either undeniably irreversible or utterly impossible to explain due to temporary unfavorable circumstances. Often preceded by the "it's not what it looks like" statement. In other words: you're busted and you can't come up with a good excuse without getting beat up or yelled at.

A girl comes to a guy's house for a visit. They enjoy a good conversation. They turn on the tv. The air conditioner doesn't work so they take off a few items of clothing. They have a friendly fight over the remote and start wrestling on the ground. The guy's overzealous girlfriend walks in to see them holding eachother, nearly half naked on the carpet. The guy is shocked and says "Wait, it's not what it looks like...I can explain."

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