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What is Leah?

She's the most beautiful girl you will ever see. Every feature that she posseses is engraved in your mind from the second you lay eyes on her. ! She is stunning, funny, an amazing person to be around, she is sexy and usually very generous. Any person with such a name would make for an amazing best friend or girlfriend. If your lucky enough to be given the chance to have a Leah in your life, take it, I promise you she will make you wanna spend the rest of your life with her.

" oh my gosh look at that girl Leah , she's so beautiful"

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Leah - what is it?

Leah is too beautiful to be called beautiful. She has an attitude and can have a temper, so its best to stay on her good side. She can also be really athletic and into sports, but smart at the same time. She can be really sarcastic and makes snarky comments for no reason. Boys are alyways chasing her, so she scares tham away. Leah also takes graet care of her friends and family and defends them no matter what.

Girl walkes past two boys
Boy 1: Hey dude thats a total babe.
Boy 2: She looks like a Leah.

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What does "Leah" mean?

Leah is shy yet amazing! She's a loyal and sincere girl who keeps her feelings inside;she is strong. Leah is beautiful inside and out even if she doesn't realise it. She also puts her friends first- even before chocolate!She's a supportive friend who says it how it is and has a love for everything living especially boys and animals!

Boy: Hey Leah, do you want to come round while I'm looking after my uncle's dog?
Leah: I'd love to but I promised my best friend that I would help her with homework, sorry.

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Leah - what does it mean?

An amazing person who will always be there for her friends. You feel like you could tell her anything and she will keep it a secret. She doubts herself sometimes even though she is beautiful on the inside and out. She's also very organized.

Friend: Oh my gosh! I am so scared to sing in front of all these people!
Leah: It's ok. You're really good, and you're going to do great!

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Leah - meaning

Leah's are the most amazing humans in the world. They light up a room wherever they go. No matter what kind of mood you're in they always find a way to cheer you up. They are just the most wifey person you'll ever meet, from making you laugh to eating ass, they do it all. They always have smoking hot bods even though they say otherwise, and a stunningly pretty face to go along with it. They are forgiving, caring and very loyal.

Oh look at her she must be a Leah

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Leah - definition

One hell of a girl. Amazing, gorgeous, funny, smart and brilliant. Has eyes that you can get lost in, and a smile that will make anyone love her. If you know a Leah don't lose her, she'll be the best thing that will ever happen to you.

Guy: Whoa man that girls definitely a Leah
Guy's friend: How'd you know?
Guy: It's the eyes man, you get totally lost in them
Guy's friend: Loser...

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Leah - slang

A girl who is totally awesome and can relate with you to just about anything. Leah's are sweet, cute and have beautiful smiles. They know just how to make your day and lift your spirits. They also love to tease and have a great sense of humor.

Dude you going to hang out with Leah?

Duh Leah is the definition of awesome.

Leah; of awesomeness

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Leah is someone you will most likely fall in love with and never forget. Leah is the most beautiful thing you will ever see and her soul is even more beautiful. She does not realize this but she is the most amazing thing that has happened on the face of this planet. She may leave you and never tell you why but don't worry too much, remind yourself that she's simply finding her own way. If you have the opportunity and privilege to see her face be grateful, such incredible and profoundly beautiful things don't happen too often in this universe.

Leah outshines a supernovae.

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Leah- Goddess body and Beautiful but doesnt realize it, has a great sense of style, hates labels, loves big hair, gives the best advice, can sometimes become hysterical but that adds to her personality, shes seems like a quiet good girl when you first meet her but when you actually get to know her shes quite the oppisite. She gets frustrated at clingy people at times and can get offended easily but thats because she doesnt have the highest of self esteems. Even though there is no reason for her esteem to be so slow, shes gorgeousssss. Obsessed with movies. Know-it-all, but really isn't. She gives everyone a chance no matter who you are. Shes an amazing person. If you know her, consider yourself lucky.

Guy1: who's that?
Guy2: that Leah.
Guy1: she's gorgeous!

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Leah-noun. Leah is an amazing girl with a sparkling personality. She is usually super friendly and nice. She is also incredibly intelligent, and often uses long words that almost no one knows. She usually gets great grades on tests and never has to study. Leah also has a great sense of humor, which is mostly sarcasm. She is also very pretty, especially her eyes and hair, even though she doesn't think so. She is often the Peacemaker of any group she is in. Leah doesn't like invading privacy and annoying others. She is sometimes shy and anti-social. Leah does not have full confidence in herself, even though she should. When she is with her friends, she is crazy and hyper. If you insult her, she couldn't care less. If you insult her friends, her coming at you is the last thing you will see for a while.

Friend: Ugh! I did terribly on that test! I got an 86!

Leah: What? An 86 is a great grade!

Friend: Oh yeah? What did you get?!

Leah: *mumbles* 103...

Friend: Of course...

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