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What is fine fine?

the part in 𝙞𝙢 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙚 by 𝘽𝙏𝙎 that sends me to mars. That shit go harder than yo daddy. And I oop-

Nicole: HeY man how ya doing
Marty: ....
Marty: “IM SO FINE YOU SO FINE” *mic drop*

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Fine fine - what is it?

An expression to reinsure that, whatever the circumstances, it actually is fine.

-"I just found out I have AIDS"

-"It's fine it's fine"

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What does "fine fine" mean?

The cousin to the definition of fine.

If someone is fine fine they the most sexy person on the planet, not just their body is fine but their face fine too.

Oh shit, you see her over there? She fine fine

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Fine fine - what does it mean?

A French expression popular amongst Québec regionals to describe a woman that swallows during a blowjob. It means she "put out". "Fine Fine" is pronounced "f-in, f-in" like the term "in", preceded by the "f" sound, or as a dolphin's "fin". If the second guy, in the example below, only used the word “fine” instead of the term “fine fine”, that would mean he got a blow job without his date swallowing. Finally, the more times the term “fine” is utilized the more there is an allusion towards full sexual intercourse and other pleasurable sexual experiences.

First guy: Ça tu bien était ta date?
Second guy: Ouh yeah! Elle était fine fine.
(meaning he got blow job and she swallowed)
First guy: Wow! Tell me more.
Second guy: Well, actually she was "fine fine", "fine"
(meaning he got more then just a blow job)
Friend#1: Ah! J'ai bien aimé ça sortir avec elle. Elle était fine.
Friend#2: Tu sais ce que ça veut dire fine.
Friend#1: Bien... elle était gentille?!
Friend#2: Non. Ça veut dire que t'as eu un blowjob.

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