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What is Jk?

- not serious
- joking around

You are not gay!, JK!

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Jk meme gif

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Jk - what is it?

(n) 1. Acronym, Just kidding.

Haha, j/k.

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What does "Jk" mean?

Just Kidding!

you ugly as a troll in the morning. jk'in ya just jk'n ya!!

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Jk - what does it mean?

'jokes' used by many in msn chats

~me~: i killed my teacher 2day

~u~: dood thats totally jks

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Jk - meaning

-just kidding
-What people use to say crap about you to you in your face and mean it but not be a complete jerk directly to you, but still are.

FYI: 75% of the time people say JK they aren't...

(Football Team's record is 0-10)
Player: You are the freaking worst QB I have ever seen!! JK!
QB: ..... ..lets see you do it......

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Jk - definition

High school girl. Comes from β€œJoshi Kohsei” in Japanese. β€œJoshi” means β€œgirl”, and β€œKohsei” is an alternative form of β€œKohkohsei” which means β€œhigh school student”.

JK is cute.

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Jk - slang

Just kidding the just kidding.

They cancel out becoming what you really meant to say.

Erma: "Am I a bitch?"
Denise: "Totally! Jk the jk hehe"
Tom: "You sly dog, Denise."

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Abbreviation for "Jungkook"
Often used by Kim Seokjin

"hey jk how are you"

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Just kidding

Aw dawg you look like shit today, jk, you're ugly as fuck..

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Something you say at the end of
a sentence to avoid getting beaten up when you
call someone a useless fucktard

Hey shit-for-brains! Jk

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