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What is I see you?

A term often used to express when you're impressed by someone whether it be what they wear or something they do.

*someone getting the girl on the their first try*
"Alright man, I see you 😏😏"

*someone doing something cool or impressive*
"I see you"

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I see you - what is it?

A term that is often used to express that you notice them doing or wearing something cool or impressive.

*someone gets a new hair cut*
" I see you 😏"

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What does "I see you" mean?

said whenever somebody does something funny, ridiculous, retarded, or filthy.

Matt looks obviously at Molly's ass
James: I see you Matt, I see you.

Spencer takes a ground ball of the nuts in infield practice because he's fuckin' around
James: a'boy, I see you.

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I see you - what does it mean?

In the James Cameron film "Avatar", this is used among the Na'vi as a greeting;
May mean the same as "I love you" or "We are all one"

Jake Sully: "I see you."

Neytiri: "I see you."

Jake Sully: "I see you, Brother... thank you. Your spirit will now be with Eywa, but your body will remain for The People."

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I see you

When you "see" one of your friends flirting with the opposite sex, and sometimes the same sex.

Some of the times he/she may not even be flirting but in the situation you want to make shit awkward you may still "see" them.

(Person A walks up to person B and person C and sees them talking"

Person A: I see you!

Person B: Damn, he caught me...
Person C: Why does he see us?

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I see you

Phrase used when acknowledging another's existence and/or point of view in a situation where they might be the minority

Girl A: Does anybody else have to sleep with a sheet, no matter how hot it is?
Boy A: No I totally don't understand.
Girl B: Don't worry, I see you.

Girl A: There are no other gay girls at this party except me and that girl over there. All I can think is, "Hey girl, I see you."

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I see you

A phrase that is used to cat-call/subtly compliment a girl who looks visually pleasing (has a hot body).

Ex: Girl is at the beach with her bikini on. (her booty is clearly visible)
Group of guys pass by and check out the girl and think she's hot.

Guys: Damn baby girl, I see you!

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I see you

(V): the proper response given when an individual acknowledges or understands the accomplishments of another.

Bob: Yeah, from a distance she looked good.. but she's really a butter face. I still googled all over her yahoo
Steve: aiiight, I see you

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I see you

you say this to a person when their dressed all fresh and tight.

mimi is wearing new fresh babyphat outfit

*mimi walks in the room*

keshia oh damn girl..i see you, i see you..

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I see you

What someone says to you when they understand where you are coming from, or they are impressed with you. Probably one of my favorite phrases to ever exist.


Josh: Hey man. Do you think I should try and get her number. She is fiiiinnnnneee!

Mike: I see you Josh, I see you!

Mike : * Buys new Jordan's, and comes out wearing them*

Josh: Ohhhh, I see you Mike!

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