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What is my favorite?

The act in which, by natural childbirth, the newborn infant destroys the anatomy of the female vagina; rendering it looser and less fun than it was prior to parturiency.

Hey man, did you hear Breanne is pregnant?

Yeah, it's a bummer. That bastard baby is going to be plowing my favorite playground soon!

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My favorite - what is it?

Payments talk for you are bloody average but it feels like you need a pep talk today

You are my favorite agent,
All my favorites are working tonight

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What does "my favorite" mean?

the simplist way to cook a dog if it is young and tender is to roast it. skin the pooch, draw it and split it. rub well with salt and freshly ground black pepper, and a bit of dried sage or thyme. butter well, place on a roasting rack and roast about four inches from the heat, allowing about 12-14 minutes per side for a 10-15 pound dog. brush with butter during the roasting process. serve with home fried potatos and current jelly. a salad will balance the meal nicely.

goes well with baby-shake

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My favorite - what does it mean?

a dick

I just rode on my favorite ride.

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My favorite

My Favorite Year is an amazing musical. Taking place in 1954, it discovers the passion and ambition of a young freshman writer on the famous television show, King Kaiser's Comedy Cavalcade. Benjy Stone struggles with love issues, a drunk actor (his childhood hero- Alan Swann), and a very unhappy boss. This show will have you laughing 'til you fall off your seat, and wipeing your tears. A passionate, heartfelt comedy, My Favorite Year is a great show, with fabulous music, and some incredible dance numbers. Great for Highschool Productions, or professional theatres! For other great highschool and/or professional musicals see also Footloose, Gypsy

"The door was closed and it stayed closed. Alan Swann never opened it, he walked through that door" <br>
"Wearing a DUCK?!?!?!?"

"The duck says, 'Yeah, get this guy off my ass!

"Or maybe I remember it EXACTLY THE WAY IT WAS!"

"It would have to be one hell of a year, for some other year, to ever come near, that frantic, impossible, painfully near to me, year, My Favorite Year!"

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My favorite

the worst movie ever made after RHPS

zoot: Heeeey aren't you one of the spice goils?!

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My favorite

you are the person who i care about the most, who i love to be with and talk to, the person who makes me smile, and you are mine

aw, baby, you're my favorite

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My favorite

An amazing unsigned pop/rock band from Fairfax, Va. Members are Dave and Will Cook, Pat Jenkins, and Bobby Morgenthaler.

I went to see My Favorite Highway last month and they stole the show.

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My favorite

A podcast featuring Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark, 2 true crime fanatics, who discuss their favorite murders in a comedy fashion.

Do you listen to My Favorite Murder

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My favorite

You <3

"You're my favorite."

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