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What is I say?

mock-offhand response to a compliment, usually one on looks or personality.

person 1 you are just the best

person 2 well, what can i say..

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I say - video

I say - what is it?

Except that. And that.

Everything I say is a Lie.
Except that.
And that.

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What does "I say" mean?

Popular denial statement of Thor, often occurs in the Marvel comic book character THOR, as the protagonist's cry for non-acceptance of certain cases, situations and offers.

Similar to This.Is.Sparta!

LOKI, I say thee nay! Thou shalt ne'er wed the fair SIF...
...though the Legions of Asgard be hurled against me.

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I say - what does it mean?

You know what else would follow if I were to tell you more.

He is hot! Need I say more?

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I say - meaning

how you correct a radio transmission when those lazy FDC terds arent paying attention to your fire mission.

FO: direction 1200, distance 2300 over
FDC: direction 1200, distance 3300 out
FO: I SAY AGAIN direction 1200, distance 2300 over

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I say - definition

A phrase used to express astonishment or surprise. Sometimes used as a phrase of disgust.

Homie spent a thousand dollars on dat bitch! I say damn!

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I say - slang

What you says when saysing about a past experiance, saysing something to Maybell. After you says something to Maybell, you need to go to someone else and says them that you says something to Maybell.

So i says to Maybell i says... if i have to send one more fax, then you can just call me "Mr. Fax Sender"

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I say

One of those irritatingly meaningless phrases English footballers use too often in TV interviews. It usually sounds like they're trying to claim they were the first to think up whatever predictable crap they're talking about. Only they're not clever enough to think like that...

"As I say, if you score goals you win games"

"It was always going to be hard to beat Liverpool, but, as I say, we won"

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I say

1. A linguistic tool used to flaunt one's supreme state of refinement and intellectual capacity, preceding a statement that expresses alarm and/or emphasis.

2. A stand alone vocalization of alarm by a very classy guy.

1. I say! We simply MUST sterilize stupid people. Pip pip!

2. Billy Bob, "I done what am do should be able to vote, same as you!"
Xavier, "I say!"

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I say

As used in Jeeves & Wooster, and presumably actually by the British upper class before the Great War.

1. Indeed
2. (expression of surprise): huh, wow.
3. Come on, really?
4. Hello
5. Remarkable
6. Etc. Etc.

1. Useless upperclass twit (UUT) 1: "It's a lovely day, isn't it?"
UUT 2: "I say"

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