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What is Grammar school?

Guildford Grammar, A previously co-ed school, turned all boy school. However, after many years of not getting pussy they decided to go back to co-ed. Unfortunately no girl wants to go to school on a farm full of pigs so, they only have a few dozen in each year level. The boys at Guildford are often described as having nearly as much intelligence as a first generation caveman, they often react to banter situations with aggression and take every comment to the cold black thing they call a heart. Guildford boys often like to prey on the girls of the school, making questionable comments and sexually harassing them. The school is most well known for failing in the sport, academic, music and art part of education however, they excel in being pricks. The average Guildford guy is a fuckboy who likes to ask girls for nudes and videos of them masturbating. Yet, whilst they still do this you will more then often see the boys get hard to each other in the change rooms. A Guildford boy is your basic faggot who tries so, so hard to act straight. The girls are alright, they just need to move to somewhere better and hopefully get good therapy help after the horrors they experienced whilst there.

See that guy wanking over there? Must go to Guildford Grammar School.

Who came last in the Head Of The River? Guildford Grammar School of course!

What is that school again that's in the PSA but no one cares about? Oh yeah! Guildford Grammar School!

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Grammar school - what is it?

A School situated in West Yorkshire (England) it consists of three buildings;
- The West Wing (new building) that is made from card-board.
- The East Wing (old building) that's falling to pieces and has some of the worst toilets found in the western hemisphere.
- The 6th Form Block, Home to the common room a place where the civilised (older) students go to escape the natives (children) that inhabit the school. It also has vending machines that contain chocolate (unlike the rest of the school he he).

A - "So I heard you go to Salts*"
B - 'Yeah"
A - "I also heard its crap"
B - "Yeah"
*Slang for Salt Grammar School

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What does "Grammar school" mean?

Absolute shitshow of a school, the staff don't care about the students they only care about the results, it truly is an exam factory. The teachers just waffle in the assemblies making the students a whole century late to their lesson. Almost all of the teachers act so posh and have a go at students for no reason, this school is filled with neeks clowns most of the students should join the circus at this rate.

Student:I go to Dartford Grammar School
Boy:Oh what is like?
Student:Fucking shambles of a school filled with shit teachers.

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Grammar school - what does it mean?

A school located near the central outback of Western Australia. Commonly known as 'the farm', Guildford Grammar has a high reputation as being an outdoor paddock with stray horses roaming around playing fields. The school is hard to distinguish and has been thought of as a haystack many a time.

P1: Look at that horse"
P2: Thats one of the GGS teachers!!!"

P1: I believe we're lost. wait, the sign says Guildford Grammar School"
P2: Looks like an abandoned haystack to me..."

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Grammar school

Commonly referred to as DGS.

Living hell. The definition of an exam factory and the headmaster is obsessed with Japan (fucking weeb). They use every chance they get to steal your money and the students there live an unbelievably sad life of daily homework and excessive revision. The teachers take it as their number 1 objective to stop you from having fun and their word is always taken over the students. They love to interfere with your already depressing life at whatever chance they get. The teachers act posh when in reality they’re sad weirdos that drive home in their fords every night thinking of the next way to make their students miserable. The teachers have access to all your information at any given time and if a teacher feels like being a prick they can add a note with a false description on you that is reflected system-wise and is therefore used to judge you by other teacher’s. Their computer security is fucking shambolic and some teachers are so nosy with the 24/7 intent to inflict misery upon you. They take pride in useless waffle and telling you their shit stories. The teachers are absolutely jobless. The school is technically a prison, you’re trapped in it, no phones, certain haircuts, forced uniforms, forced equipment and certain obligations. The students do NOT enjoy it here. If you want your child to grow up being a fucking neek that nobody likes then DGS is the place for him. You’re forced to learn some shit languages (japanese and chinese) from year 7.

Ayyo wys g, what school do you go now?
Oh I go Dartford Grammar School now
Yooo I’ve heard that place is absolutely fucking shit, they make you do that shit white sport ennit?
Yh they make us do rugby and trust me the school is so fucking bad

Ahh thats a bit peak for you styll 🤣

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Grammar school

A hell for saken place where girls are sent to school. known to be a place for rebellious girls who are taught by sadist teachers who need to get lives led by what can only be described as an elephant.

Girl 1: did you see her! she looked like trouble
Girl 2 : did she have a short skirt?
Girl 1: Yeah!
Girl 2: Well Thats Parkstone Grammar School For You!

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Grammar school

Christchurch Grammar School, also known as Ricechurch, is a school in Perth where as soon as you enter the front gates, you play a small game called "Spot the Australian". They also perform extremely well in swimming events with other schools due to most of the Christchurch population having to swim to get to Australia in the first place.

Hey, did you hear about the kid who set the new record in the swimming carnival? Must be a Christchurch Grammar School kid.

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Grammar school

Found in the exotic area of Great Glen. BEWARE go there at your own risk. It's full of wanna be road men who think it's hard to leave to go Beauchamp for A Levels. Ethnicity distribution 30% KKK, 70% Curry. Be careful on the Great Glen Bloc, because these wannabe chavs may cuss you with Year 7 insults like "suck your mum" and "I will chef you up". You can spot LGS students on the bloc as they are wearing a full three piece suits which makes them look extremely mennacing. Many people who come out of 6th form here end up at the mighty DMU and go onto be respectable figures at this Uni such has head of Media Studies. PS PEACE IN THE MIDDLE EAST

The definition of Leicester Grammar School tells you everything you skankasaurus

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Grammar school

A expensive school for rich idiots and pretentious dickheads who constantly get their way and believe that all girls are madly in love with them. The school allows the really rich accidental children to live there as rich boarders who think they are amazing and more important than the rest of the school. They also think they are "savage" and watch the Paul brothers and Dolan twins.

Expectation: "Oh, how everyone loves me because I am a savage and so cool #1000followers
Reality: Damn those bloody Knox grammar school boys like GODDAMN! Your not cool!

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Grammar school

The best type of school. Pupils are both intelligent and civilised.

"Don't talk to me unless you went to a grammar school."

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