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What is Ghetto Spread?

when your spilling tea and it turns ghetto

did u see that new post? of that’s ghetto spread

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Ghetto Spread - what is it?

1. when coronavirus spreads through a rural area

2. the soup homer likes

1. the karen said "fuck ghetto spread, it's a hoax"
2. homer ate ghetto spread

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What does "Ghetto Spread" mean?

A stock trading strategy invented by the Trading Fraternity meant to make plays "free". This strategy involves purchasing a call or put then locking in profit by selling an option further out the money.

We bought 2 TLT February 12 165 calls for .21 then ghetto spread it making free by selling 1 February 12 170 call for .42

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Ghetto Spread - what does it mean?

a homemade meal put together for a large gathering of poor (family and friends). This concoction is not healthy, but it is EXTREMELY delicious.

What's in it? "Everything we had, went into this spread. We had damn near a case of top roman, bananas, peanut butter, mayonnaise, raisins, pork grinds, beans, and Chili cheese Fritos. And tuna, i think i tasted tuna."

A spread is cheap everyone who can puts in and everyone gets full . There is no such thing as an a bad nutrition fact, when you're starving to death.

Boy: "I put flammable Cheetos in the ghetto spread"
Girl: "they are called flaming hot Cheetos "
Boy: "Flaming hot Cheetos aren't flammable, dumb ass"

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Ghetto Spread - meaning

What is a "ghetto spread"? A ghetto spread is exactly like a debit spread, except you don't buy/sell both legs at the same time. First, you buy a long call, then wait for the premium on your short call to be higher than the premium of your long call, and sell it.

idek a ghetto spread example

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Ghetto Spread - definition

Its like a debit spread, but you buy the option first, and when price goes up (in the case of a call) or down ( in the case of a put) you sell another for the same or more of what you paid for the first one. That way, even though you maxed your profits, you eliminate the risk.

Finance Bro 1: "Bro I think TSLA is going to the moon
Finance Bro 2: " Yeah am probably going to open a ghetto spread, that way, it it goes down, I eliminated the risk.

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