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What is the club?

An agreement to a statement, often used sarcastically.

Aaron: "I dont study for tests."

Sarah: "Join the club."

aaron: "Im a gold member."

Sarah: "Oh yeah? Ive reached platinum status."

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The club - what is it?

gay slang for referring to a fellow homosexual.

"You can tell Steve is 'in the club' by all of the showtunes he has on his ipod."

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What does "the club" mean?

When someone says something that you agree with, you say "join the club".

Man, I think Allen is such a douche.
join the club.

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The club - what does it mean?

A clever way of saying "I agree with you, and I suspect others do too."

Alice: I hate people who say 'join the club'.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I feel like getting a club membership.
Bob: Join the club.

Alice: I had such a bad day. It feels like everyone whines to me about how other people cause them problems, when really it's just a projection of their own insecurities and unfulfilling life. Then, when I try to hint them at this, they just don't get it.
Bob: Join the club.
Alice: Huh?

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The club

A hidden group of people that play a variety of games within the community "Next Generation Roleplay". One thing that is strange and odd about this group of gamers is that they are strictly supportive of the homosexual decent, with that kept in mind they usually have a different mindset when playing games. They tend to play games unlike other gamers in a more flamboyant way and play the 'HERO' in every game in hope to make only friends with the other males in the game they're playing. This group has such an extreme friendship that they even take certain times out of the year to go on gay-friendly cruises and stop by the most exotic places that are known for gay people. This group of people is just amazing due to the fact they are changing the gamer world much like other activities that are being morphed into allowing gay-friendly communities.

I went on The Club House cruise and we had a great time making friends.

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The club

A group of friends who are more closely connected after sharing in sexual relations with the same girl.

"Hey, I here Mike went out with Alexis last night"
"Oh yeah, ya think he is part of The club now?"

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The club

A group of people have had the same (usually negative) experience. Suggests a lack of sympathy and is used with sarcasm.

"I got the dreaded lurgy of suzy"
"Join the club man. The girl is like typhoid mary"

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The club

Place where e'erbody gets tipsy.

Get krunk in the club.

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The club

"The Club" is a club with the goal of getting everyone in the world to be a member. By hearing of "The Club" you are now a member and every time you think about "The Club" you must tell some one in the general area so then they too can become a member of "The Club"

Ben: Hey Simon, have you heard about the Club?

Simon: no what is it?

Ben: Congrats! Your now a member!

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The club

Better defined as a state of mind instead of an actual place. The CLUB has no limits or rules. In a way it doesn't even exist within time and space. Anything and anyone in or going to the club are relatively easy to spot. They are usually seen twitching vigorously as if they're actually dancing to some kind of tune that's almost incomprehensible to the whole of mankind itself. Some aren't even aware that they are in the process of going to the club.

The CLUB can exist anywhere and anyone can go to it. Which is why it is probably so often compared to 'The Game', except you can't lose because it can only be experienced not played. If The Game was a Chess match then The Club would be the extensively modified area that the board and pieces are placed in. Although experiences differ by user all are rumored to have had the same side effect of hearing some catchy hip hop cover of the intro to 50 CENTS In da club among other club like tunes. Strange indeed but awesome all the while.

Even stranger the fact that the club can remain constant or disappear if only by the mere whim of the person that currently resides within it. All anyone knows for sure is that once at the club or even in the process of going to it...everything else instantly becomes over 9000 times more amazing than anyone ever thought possible.

Though no one knows for sure what triggers the event, there are theories of it most probably being caused by the realization of cosmic WIN.


Guy #1: What the heck is wrong with that guy he keeps shaking?
Guy #1: Wait, do you hear that?
Guy #2: What? FFFFF-
Guy #2: OH SNAP! He's going to THE CLUB!!!

Guy #1: game is glitching up and this guy won't move out of my way oh wtf?!
Guy #2: HAHA! He went to the freakin ccccc- club
Guy #1: Woah! Combo

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