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What is Duracell?

When you are having intercourse with a deaf girl and her hearing aid keeps ringing untill the batteries are competely drained.

I totaly gave the girl from the school for the deaf the dead duracell last night.

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Duracell - meme gif

Duracell meme gif

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Duracell - what is it?

AKA your girls "other" boyfriend that sleeps under your bed in a shoe box.

Another term for BOB.


Guy: Why is there a box of old Nikes under the...Oh what the hell is this!


Guy: Babe! An earthquake is shaking the house right off of the foundation! We need to take cover!!!

Girl: Sorry it's my Duracel Dude. I'll turn him down to Jack Hammer...

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What does "Duracell" mean?

Situation when it takes ages to finalize a project as the client keeps asking for changes.

(After receiving another request from the client) It's a duracell job... Keeps on going!

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Duracell - what does it mean?

A derogatory and colloquial term for a redheaded obese person. The duracell part relating to their hair colour and the moose to their substantial weight.

Guy 1: I heard there's a new chick starting today, you seen her? What's she like?

Guy 2: Yeeaah, I wouldn't get sexcited though, she's a complete duracell moose.

Guy 1: Bummer.

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Duracell - meaning

1. A pink leporid used to advertise Duracell batteries in Europe and Australia; he predates the similar Energizer Bunny popular in the United States and was first used in the 1970s under the slogan "It lasts and lasts and lasts".
2. A man who can last a long time during sex before having an orgasm without getting tired. This term is seen as approbatory due to said man's ability to give his female (or male) partner several orgasms over a long period of time before losing endurance. It is usually used in the form of a simile rather than a noun.

"John was like the Duracell Bunny last night, I came five times before he even broke a sweat!"

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Duracell - definition

Usually referring to an African American person with bright blonde/ ginger colored hair.

Person: Have you heard that black people are starting to bleach their hair blonde?
Me: Yeah, I call them Duracell Battery

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Duracell - slang

the taste you get after eating out a girl who just got a new I.U.D.

Aw fuck, you taste so copperish...kinda duracell.

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An african-american. as in a "double a" battery.

Did you see the duracells hanging out on the street between Antonios and Gastbys?

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Nickname or term of abuse for a person with ginger hair. Comes from the 1980s UK TV advert "Duracell, with the copper-coloured top: no ordinary battery looks like it or lasts like it."

Oi! Duracell, you are intrinsically unattractive. How did your ginger, freckled ancestor ever succeed in passing on their genes?

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A brand of batteries, owned by the Gillette Corporation and located in Bethel, Connecticut.

Duracell Ultra >>>>> Duracell normals

What kind of battery is that? Oh it's a duracell!

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