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What is downed?

Derived from the definition of "downlow" which was taken from the African-American Community. Brought in by the Filipino/Asian-American Male & Female LGBT community. Reinvented into the word "DownE" with a capital "E" expressed during the hype of the raving/exstacy scene which began to popularize in the early 90's. Giving those who are on the "downlow" a more open environment (i.e. E-parties.) Those using the term "DownE" also used it to seperate themselves from society's stereotype of a Gay Asian Male, as well as Gay Asian Female. As a means of communication. The internet played a major role in the growth in popularity for the word "Downe." With websites such as, the definition of "downe" is constantly changing. A good thing or a bad thing, take it as you will. From my opinion, the definition can't be found on any dictionary. Define it for yourself. Whether it be just another term for being Gay, Lesbian, Etc. or make it mean more to you than just a label.

Do you remember the downe scene back in 96? Now thats taking it way back to it's roots.

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Downed - what is it?

A reference to the genetalia of either a man or woman

Girl to guy- "Yeah, don't you owe me a trip down there?"

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What does "downed" mean?

Ok with that, its cool, alright

We can chill with my crew if you're down with that

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Downed - what does it mean?

Phrase that indicates one is not willing to do something. There can be different ways to use this. Commonly used in Orange County, California.

1. Jason: You're not down to go to Flamebroiler!

Aaron: I'm so down!

2 Jason:Let's go to Brea!

Aaron: Nah bro. Not today. Maybe next week.

Jason: what!?Not Down.

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Downed - meaning

A phrase used when wanting to show positivity or agreement to another persons comment.

Antonym: When something is not good or you want to disagree, then It is not down.

Boy: Hey last night Syed totally tore my anus up :P
Boy #2: That's Down!

Boy: Ali likes taking pictures of his nipples and photoshopping them onto big breasts
Boy #2: Thats Not Down.

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Downed - definition

A male or female,
commonly of Asian decent (particularly Filipino)
who IS out of the closet,
but not necessarily OUT and OPEN,
regarding their sexuality,
tending to keep their homo/bi sexuality
on the "down low"

Most people classifying themselves as "downE"
tend to do so out of avoidance of
family-related, religion-related, culture-related,
or society-related reasons,
IE: Fearing persecution, or
not quite being ready,
or wanting to be,
completely OUT in the OPEN.

the 3 types of Non-Heterosexual people:
Out: completely open regarding sexuality, carefree, confident. Out people tend to be the sterotypical, flamboyant, but not always.

In: in the closet, denying their bi/homosexuality to themselves and others when it is obvious that they are NOT heterosexual

DownE: out of the closet, but still low key about their sexual orientation, not as obvious as OUT people, usually takes people longer to figure out which way downE people truly "swing"

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Downed - slang

"Down for it" means when you agree with a person about something .

" wanna face time?"

Sure I'm down for it

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1. Referring to the trip to a magical land(or place).

"Alice fell in the rabbit hole and went down down down."

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An adjective used to describe a person who has down's syndrome

"that chick is dumb as shit, i think she might be downed." or: "Dude, are you downed?"

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Usually used in BF2

See Owned or Pwned

Downed mean the same, most people say it when they take out heli's in BF2. I can be used anywhere anytime and mean you were beat and it was a good shot.

Playa: .....
Playa2: Come on!
Playa SVD Playa2
Playa: DOWNED!


Heliguy: I am gonna kill you...
Stingerguy: No watch this...
Stingerguy: LOL, DOWNED!
Heliguy: WOW! Downed!

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