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What is Better out than in?

To break wind whilst being intimate with someone. The release of said gas is often associated with the other participant(s) in the sexual act discontinuing their participation.

''Well, looks like I'm on the hunt for a new girlfriend again. Susie and I were really connecting spiritually and emotionally during an extended Alabama lane change, but a better out than intimate squeezed its way out of my anĂ¼s as I was going for it and the gas has caused her to suffocate and die. If I'm being brutally honest, the initial chloroform might have been a culprit in the suffocation too.''

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Better out than in - what is it?

This is what you say to your mate who is ridiculously drunk or has food poisoning and is getting sick all over the ground.


"Oh gawd Mary. (PUKE!!!) I`m getting sick all over the place!."


"Better out than in John!"

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