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What is wind?

The third element used to summon Captain Planet.



By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!

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Wind - what is it?

Breathing hard, and having a shortness of breath after hitting a vape that contains a high nicotine content.

After hitting Brad’s Juul In Mr. Smith’s Class I was winded af.

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What does "wind" mean?

Out of breath.

#1: I just got back from the gym, man. I am so winded.

#2: I see that, can I get you some water?

#1: Yeah, that should help me catch my breath.

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Wind - what does it mean?

On the run; hiding from the law

Once he heard popo had a warrant on him, he was in the wind.

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Wind - meaning

to disappear, unable to be found

Where's your boyftiend?

I dunno, in the wind

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Wind - definition

flatulence, gas, intestinal gas

Her wind surprised and sickened me.

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Wind - slang

wind, u know... woosh woosh

BRRR... it's windy today, let me put on a jacket. YAY!!!

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A way of dancing...cominf from the islands....TRINIDAD in particularly. It is basically jiration of the hips and butt.

Kelis' song

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a phenomenon caused by trees sneezing

Calvin: What causes wind?
Dad: Trees sneezing
Calvin: Really?
Dad: No but the truth is much more complicated.


Calvin: Boy the trees sure are sneezing today

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1. To be out of physical shape or not in good condition. To feel light-headed and slight pain.
e.g He got winded from that punch

2. A way of dancing

3. A fart
e.g He broke wind

4. A rush of air created by warm air rising and cold air rushing in to takes its place.

5.To use a twisting motion which in turn has a wheel used as a simple machine in order to achieve some task which prepares the object containing the object to be twisted.

e.g I'm going to wind up the toy.

All in my definition.

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