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What is twinkling?

a childish word used frequently by mothers, when referring to the female genitals in front of a small child, usually the daughter

Gwenny, don't foreget to wipe your twinkle!

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Twinkling - what is it?

A person / God / alien / vampire / clown who is unusually sparkly and likes throwing glitter at people.

Oh my god! That chick is such a Twinkles! She threw glitter at my eye!

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What does "twinkling" mean?

A young, effeminate, gay man with a highly delicate disposition. He always makes himself readily available. Always incredibly well groomed when sighted in his natural habitat. Oftentimes seen walking daintily and carrying a brand-name man bag.

Prior to the debutante ball, we received lessons in carriage and demeanor from that fresh-faced twinkle.

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Twinkling - what does it mean?

Going missing suddenly for a short period of time without reason

Q: "Wheres Bernie?"
A: "Ahh hes probably pulling a twinkle"

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Twinkling - meaning

1. the stars in someones eyes that represent mischeviousness, hatred, or love.

I saw his twinkle but I didnt know exactly what it was stemming from OR I dont think he likes me because there was no twinkle.

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Twinkling - definition

The image of a star which is temporarily blocked by gases, giving the impression that the star momentarily burnt out then reignited

wait till night, look up

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Twinkling - slang

(Verb) When a girl is really into you and makes you believe she wants to date for roughly the first month together... then, without anything bad happening, she randomly changes her mind and decides to ghost you.

- Hey John, did are you still seeing that girl from Boston?
- No man, she totally twinkled me

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A close friend, even your best friend, who may light up your life and make your eyes twinkle. Origination from the movie 21 & Over directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore when the two protagonists were playing beer pong.

"Ashley, you're my twinkle"
"OMG your contact name in my phone is 'Twinkle'!"

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A girl of outstanding talent who also happens to be irresistible. She is one of a kind with ever changing hair colour. Given the chance, she will make all your dreams come true.

Did you see that girl?!

Yeah, that was Twinkle.

She's incredible...

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another way to say give me props or high five. originated from a white guy who thought he was black.

(white guy) twinkle twinkle baby twinkle twinkle

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