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What is tone?

a viet guy who is admired by fobs

tone will squat on a seat, while the fobs in front of him drool over his crotch

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Tone - what is it?

Creepy pedophile.

I think our new neighbour is a real Tone.

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Video meme

What does "tone" mean?

A wanker.

My friend is a real Tone

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Tone - what does it mean?

--Of voice. Often to get someone's attention (see example; also see 'check')

Hey bro, check your tone. (Means don't fuckin' talk to me like that) :)

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Tone - meaning

a ringtone that one puts on their phone

i just got a new tone for my phone

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Tone - definition

short for Tony Mowbray the single most brilliant reincarnation of all things great of a middlesbrough manager. The envy of the inbred sparn of sunderland, newcastle and leeds fans.

a boro lad: we will win the league with TONE in charge.

a boro geeza: TONE is the reincarnation of al things great for the job without a doubt.

example 2:

a jealous geordie: Tony Mowbray is shit.

a intelligent person: just because TONE got all the souls from the geordies and mackems. UTFB

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Tone - slang

a big ass gun/
first used by a rap group called clicked up

Nigga you dont want a damn thang.. i gotta tone in the back and now im strait.

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something a lot of females want to do when they workout...hello, it's called building muscle

"I don't want muscle, I just want to tone"

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to abruptly hang up in someones face (dialtone).
famous in killeen texas

(phone conversation)


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gat,gun,heat,9, fire arm, something you kill people with

put my tone to your head and blast out your brain bitch!

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